What is Fethiye in Turkey Like?

What is Fethiye in Turkey Like?

It's hard to give a short answer about what Fethiye in Turkey is like. The large area includes the city center and smaller coastal resorts, offering something for everyone from budget travelers to luxury property buyers.

It’s well-known for beach tourism but also has a high status on the Turkish Riviera. Fethiye mixes traditional Turkish life with modern international trends. Holidaymakers and locals can enjoy many Turkish restaurants with traditional food, and if they want fine dining, they can find top-quality places too.

To really understand Fethiye, you need to see it yourself. Meanwhile, here’s a quick overview of why travelers love it.

Paspatur and Lycian Tombs

Start with the city center, a busy hub. The harbor and marina are always active. Explore the back streets to find Paspatur, the old town with narrow streets full of souvenir shops, bars, and restaurants. History lovers should visit the museum and the small amphitheater. For the best city view, go to the Lycian rock tombs.

Oludeniz, Blue Lagoon of Fethiye

One of Turkey’s most photographed spots, the Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz appears in many travel magazines. The main beach is protected by law, and the town is in a beautiful valley. Don’t be surprised to find British-themed bars and hear British accents, as many expats live there. Try taking a water taxi to Butterfly Valley or go paragliding.

Hisaronu and Ovacik

Oludeniz was one of the first places to embrace tourism, and when it grew, Hisaronu and Ovacik developed to handle more tourists. Hisaronu is now a holiday resort, while Ovacik has many British residents living there year-round. Both villages have a British vibe.

Calis Beach and Turkey’s Best Sunset

Many Brits also buy property in Calis Beach, a popular resort known for its stunning sunsets. The long beach attracts many holidaymakers each year, and the promenade has been upgraded recently. Expect many international restaurants and a relaxed lifestyle.

Kayakoy Ghost Village

Kayakoy Ghost Village is a major tourist attraction in Fethiye, showing life before the Turkish War of Independence almost 100 years ago. The hillside has old schools, churches, and houses with great views. Property buyers who want traditional stone cottages often choose Kayakoy.

Mountain Range Uzumlu

Though Fethiye is known for its beaches, the small village of Uzumlu is popular with buyers wanting large, luxury villas at great prices. It's a 20-minute drive inland from Fethiye, offering beautiful views for those tired of sandy beaches.

Exclusive Faralya

Faralya isn't often mentioned in travel magazines. Known for its secluded location and private yoga retreats, it has stunning coastline views and is about 15 minutes from Oludeniz. Homes here are small but expensive, offering a hidden paradise.

Major Attractions of Fethiye

You can spend a week or two exploring these places, but Fethiye also has popular tourist spots. Local travel shops offer daily tours to Saklikent Gorge, a large canyon with fast-flowing water. After that, visit the Tlos ancient ruins and Yakapark, a nice spot for lunch. Water lovers should try the 12 islands boat tour, stopping at places like Gemiler Island with its old Christian churches.

Fethiye is the starting point of the Lycian Way, a 500-kilometer trail to Antalya that passes ancient Lycian cities like Xanthos and Letoon. For evening fun and good food, visit the Fethiye fish market. Choose fresh fish and nearby restaurants will cook it for you with salad and mezes.

Need to Know: Most people reach Fethiye via Dalaman airport, a 60-minute drive away. If driving or taking the bus, use the main D400 highway running east to west across the country.

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Fethiye offers a mix of history, natural beauty, and local culture. Whether exploring ancient ruins, enjoying the scenic views, eating fresh seafood at the busy fish market, or going on adventures, Fethiye has something for everyone. Easily reachable from Dalaman airport and well connected by major roads, Fethiye is a great destination to experience the best of Mediterranean Turkey. With its beautiful scenery and friendly vibe, Fethiye captures the charm of the region.

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