Best Clubs in Istanbul

Best Clubs in Istanbul

Istanbul's nightlife is very active. There are lots of famous places to go, with some being around for more than thirty years and others very modern. Since Istanbul is a big city with many centers, you can find different spots for entertainment.

On the Asian side, there's a place called Caddebostan where ‘barlar sokağı’ — a street full of pubs on Iskele Street — and Kadife Street in the Kadıköy area offer lots of options. On the European side, nightclubs are spread out and not just in one area. You can find many spots in Nişantaşı in the Şişli area, Ortaköy in the Beşiktaş area, and also around Taksim, Istiklal Street, and Nevizade in the Beyoğlu area. In this article, I'm just touching on a small part of what's available by listing the best nightclubs that locals love, in no particular order.


Sortie is a top-notch place with a beautiful view of Istanbul, right next to the Bosphorus. This special spot has six different restaurants, each offering its own kind of food. There are also three bars where guests can choose from many drinks, making for unforgettable evenings. Open from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m., Sortie is a luxurious place for those who want to relax and enjoy themselves. It's more than just a place; it's an experience. It's one of the best places to chill, meet people, and enjoy the beauty of Istanbul at night.

Address: 141 Muallim Naci caddesi, Kuruçeşme, Ortaköy
Telephone: +90 212 327 85 85



This big house with three floors is next to the beautiful waters of the Bosphorus. It has amazing views and serves lots of different foods in its garden and balcony, where you can see all around the Bosphorus. Inside, there are two places to enjoy music and dance. One is on the bottom floor, giving a cozy and close-up feel, and the other is at the top, where you can party with a view of the water.

Address: Ortaköy Salhanesi Sokak No:5, Beşiktaş
Telephone: +90 212 327 28 44



The place is in a top-floor apartment of an old building from the 19th century. From there, you can see all around - the Bosphorus, Golden Horn, and the Sea of Marmara. The place is known for four main things: food, how it looks, fun activities, and the overall feel. On weekends, it gets really lively with DJs, singers, dancers, and shows. The party goes on until early morning.

Address: İstiklal Caddesi Mısır Apt. No: 163 Kat 8, Beyoğlu
Telephone: +90 212 251 10 42-43


Ulus 29

Sitting on top of Ulus hill, this place has amazing views of the Bosphorus Strait and the vast city on the Asian side. It's a big, fancy restaurant that has offered a mix of traditional and new dishes from both Turkish and world cooking styles since 1993. It's not just known for its great food but also as a top spot for nightlife. It was one of the first places in the city to become popular at night, and it guarantees an amazing night out. To make sure you get a seat at this popular spot, it's a good idea to book a table early. Whether you come for the food or the lively nightclub vibe, it's an experience you won't forget.

Address: Ulus Mahallesi, Ahmet Adnan Saygun Caddesi, Ulus Parkı İçi, No 71/1, Beşiktaş
Telephone: +90 212 358 29 29


Cahide Müzikhol — Dinner Theater

The building used to be Kervansaray music hall since 1949. It was famous for having important guests from all over before it closed. In 2017, Cahide started in the same place. It keeps the music hall tradition alive but with a modern cabaret style. It's also known for its drag queen shows.

This place is very fancy with its big and colorful decoration, good food, and drinks with funny names. On weekdays, famous Turkish singers perform, and on Saturdays, after midnight, there's a club party with a DJ. It's a good idea to book a table before going.

Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:52, Harbiye Mahallesi, Şişli
Telephone: +90 212 219 65 30

Babylon Bomonti

After more than fifteen years, in September 2015, Babylon moved to a new place in Bomonti. Babylon Bomonti is now a place where different kinds of events happen. They have many types of music like jazz, reggae, music from around the world, electronic music, Latin, Turkish music, and also indie pop and rock. You can't get food there, but there is a bar, so you can get drinks. You need to buy a ticket to see the concerts.

Address: Bomonti Bira Fabrikası, Birahane Sokak No:1, Bomonti, Şişli
Telephone: +90 212 334 01 90



Jolly Joker Balans

This place is great for people who love live music because it was built just for live shows and looks like an old pub. You can listen to Turkish rock, alternative, and pop music there. Both well-known and new bands and singers perform here. It's a nice chance to enjoy music.

Address: İstiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 22 Beyoğlu
Telephone: +90 212 249 07 49




If you like rich and showy decorations, a place that feels like a hidden play area, and dancers hanging from the ceiling, Klein is the place for you. It's close to Taksim Square. This nightclub has DJs from around the world and from the local area. They play electronic and techno music. Klein is open on Friday and Saturday nights, from 11 PM until 4 AM.

Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Cebel Topu Sokak. No. 4, Harbiye
Telephone: +90 212 291 84 40


Istanbul is famous for its lively night scene. It has many different clubs that play all kinds of music, making sure there's something for everyone. One of the key places is Babylon Bomonti, a historic venue that has moved but still offers a wide variety of music from around the world. Small concerts at Jolly Joker Balans and the energetic beats at Klein show the true lively nature of Istanbul at night. These clubs are great for enjoying both local and international music, and they really show what makes Istanbul's nightlife special. Whether you like calm jazz, dancing to electronic music, or enjoying live Turkish rock and pop, Istanbul's top clubs have nights you'll always remember.

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