2024 Events in Kaş: For Music and Sports Lovers

2024 Events in Kaş: For Music and Sports Lovers

In the fresh air along Turkey's Mediterranean coast, 2024 will bring lots of exciting events to Kaş. It's becoming a popular spot for cultural celebrations and sports activities. If you enjoy jazz music or love the thrill of outdoor races, then Kaş is the place for you. Don't miss out on these upcoming events in Kaş, Turkey. Check out the fun events lined up for this year - a mix of music, sports, and the special Kaş vibe.

Kaş Jazz Festival

The Kaş Jazz Festival is a place where people who love jazz music from near and far gather to enjoy live shows. It happens near the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It's not just about music; it's an experience that stays with you even after the music stops.

Remember these dates: August 25th to 27th. Head to Kaş to enjoy great music. The festival starts on the 25th with DJs Barthez, Enver Muhamedi Trio, Elif Çağlar Quartet, and Burhan Öçal & Istanbul Jazz Ensemble performing.

On the 26th, DJ Barthez will be back to keep the party going. Also performing are the Social Inclusion Band, Korhan Futacı, Jamal Aliyev, and Ece Dağıstan. They will make sure the vibe stays upbeat and lively.

The festival reaches its peak on the 27th with local artists like Volkan İncüvez, Okan Kaya, and Berkan Tilavel, along with the soulful rock band Anahtar. The well-known Birsen Tezer will end the festival with a powerful performance.

The festival is held at Setur Marina, which has a beautiful nautical theme. It's a perfect place for jazz music to stand out. The location offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea, making every show a treat for both the eyes and ears.

You can learn everything about the festival from kascazfestivali.com

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Kaş-Meis Swimming Race

For people who feel calm by the sea, the Kaş-Meis Swimming Race is an event that calls out to the brave. This race shows togetherness in the Aegean Sea. It welcomes swimmers to cross waters that have seen a lot of history and culture.

Scheduled for June 30th, swimmers will take on a 7-kilometer course from Meis Island to Kaş Mumi Beach. The route shows the blend of nature and human effort, offering an exciting and amazing challenge. Starting at 9 AM, participants have until 1 PM to finish the race. It's not just about physical strength but also about sharing goodwill across borders.

To swim internationally, swimmers need a Schengen visa and a health report. The cost to enter, including the ferry fee, is 200 Euros. This event offers swimmers more than just a race; it's a special maritime adventure to enjoy.

Register here.

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Kaş YarıMadaton

Join the Kaş YarıMadaton for a fun run with people of all skill levels. It's a great event full of energy and friendship. Enjoy the beautiful paths and happy atmosphere. Run in the Kaş YarıMadaton for a unique experience.

On October 25th and 26th, there will be a running event with different race options. You can choose from 21K Yarımadaton, 12K Yarımadaton, or 6K Marina Race. Everyone can find a race to join. The event is not just about running; it's also a time to celebrate while being active.

Participants will challenge themselves in Kaş, running through the town's streets and along the colorful coast. The marathon starts at Kaş Cumhuriyet Meydanı with staggered start times for different distances. After the races, there will be zumba, a concert, and an award ceremony to end the event.

Visit the website for more information.

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Kaş is getting ready for a special year as a hub for culture and sports. In 2024, there will be events that cater to different interests - from soulful jazz performances to thrilling races on land and sea. These gatherings not only offer fun events but also a chance to be part of the friendly local community and enjoy the stunning Turkish coast.

For both tourists and locals, these events are not just for watching, but for joining in - enjoying the music, riding the waves, and walking on the streets with every step. If you haven't started yet, get ready because the 2024 calendar in Kaş is inviting you with a mix of music and challenges. Pack your bags, put on your shoes, and prepare for what will be a memorable year in Kaş.

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