Beautiful Beaches in Kaş

Beautiful Beaches in Kaş

You might have heard about the stunning, hypnotic turquoise color of Kaş. Some beaches in Kaş are not just for swimming in Kaş, but they are among the most beautiful beaches in the country. For example, the postcard-perfect beauty of Kaputaş Beach. There are many beautiful bays and beaches, but they appeal to different people because of their various characteristics, like their temperatures, and whether they are pebbly or sandy. We've prepared a small guide to help you find out which beach is the right fit for you.

1. Kaputaş Beach

This beach is located in a giant crack between huge rocks, not just one of the best in Kaş but in all of Turkey. It's about 7 kilometers from Kaş, so you can either drive your own car or take one of the regular minibuses from the center. But, since it's at the mouth of a canyon and surrounded by rocks, there's not much parking. If you're driving, try to get there early to find a spot. You have to walk down quite a few steps to get to the beach. Remember, what goes down must come up, so don't carry too much with you. There's a cafeteria run by the Kaş Municipality on the beach where you can buy what you need. They offer toilets, showers, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

The sea at Kaputaş can be quite wavy, tossing you around. It tends to be calmer in the morning. The beach isn't sandy; it's more pebbly.

2. Seyrek Çakıl Beach

Seyrek Çakıl Beach, next to Kaputaş Beach, welcomes visitors to the district as a small roadside beach. It's a wonderful place for those who want to make a quick stop by the sea while on the road.

3. Patara Beach

If you're saying, "I won't call it a beach if it's rocky," then Patara Beach is your best choice. But if you're looking for a quiet place without kids, this isn't the right spot. It's open to the public, so everyone is here. It's also a major breeding ground for caretta caretta sea turtles in Turkey. To avoid harming the nests under the sand, don't stick umbrellas into the sand or dig it up. Also, it would be nice to leave the beach before it gets dark so the turtles can use it too.

4. Akçagerme Beach

Families with children often choose Akçagerme Beach in Kaş because the sea is calm, and it has a water park, tennis court, and lots of kids around. It's a perfect beach for families. It's close to the center, in a beautiful bay. You can walk there, but you can also take minibuses from the center at İnce Boğaz. Plus, so the prices are very reasonable, but the taste and service are a bit "amateur." It's good to know this before you go. Still, it's a place where people usually love to swim.

5. Asmaaltı Beach

Asmaaltı is located right next to the harbor in the center, making it the closest spot to swim in the sea and also the most enjoyable place to watch the sunset. Because of its location, it gets very crowded during the season. Prices are average for Kaş. It has a wide menu. It feels friendly and much like a family-run business.

6. Kaş Public Beach

Before you reach Hidayet Bay, there is a public beach managed by the Kaş Municipality. People who go there highly recommend it. They say it's much better than many private beaches. It's a wide and well-maintained beach. There's also parking, a cafe, and a restaurant available. You can get there by minibuses that leave from the center every half hour.

7. Hidayet Bay

Now, a business called Blanca Beach runs the place as a hotel and beach. If you use their valet service, you have to pay for parking. Of course, you also need to pay a certain fee for a lounge chair and an umbrella. The sea is beautiful, calm, and without wind. The water is warm, but because there are many underground springs, one moment you can feel like you're swimming in the sea at Antalya, and the next moment it feels like you're in the Baltic Sea. The place also offers a variety of food and drink options, making it easy to find something for every taste.

8. Küçük Çakıl and Derya Beaches

Let's start by saying Küçük Çakıl might not be the beach of your dreams: There's almost no beach, just a narrow crack among the rocks with platforms to enter the sea. However, it's very popular because it's easy to get to from the center of Kaş, the water is crystal clear, and it gets deep slowly.

Think of it as the left side of Kaş Harbor, like a back area. A heads-up for people with knee problems: there are also stairs to deal with. Whether you're staying in the area or going to the beaches in front, you'll need to use stairs to reach the sea.

Right next to Küçükçakıl is Derya Beach. Küçük Çakıl Beach is tiny and there are only two beach businesses there. People often prefer Derya Beach. It's one of the liveliest spots in Kaş to swim, with upbeat, loud music. In the afternoon, there's a party atmosphere with cocktails and music.

For staying over, the popular hotels line up right at the front of the beach. In this mountainous area, more hotels are lined up along the slope behind the first row.

9. Limanağzı Beach

Kaş has remained untouched because it's hard to get to, and Limanağzı, being one of the hardest places to reach in Kaş, has also remained pristine. You can get to the area by shuttle boats or by taking a challenging trail. The sea, a favorite spot for turtles and marine life, offers delightful moments even just with snorkeling. Since it's a settled area, you have plenty of restaurant options to choose from.

10. Büyük Çakıl Beach

Büyük Çakıl Beach is one of the closest beaches to Kaş and is highly recommended for those without a car. It's only 500 meters away from Küçük Çakıl Beach. Some describe it as "a blue sea dancing on colorful pebbles," and they're not wrong. It's a 15-minute walk from the center, surrounded by rocks covered with maquis. In the evening, you can sit at simple tables in your swimsuit, watch the stars, make a fire, and enjoy music from those who bring guitars or other instruments.

11. İnceboğaz Beach

This is a special place on the Çukurbağ Peninsula, where the peninsula narrows. One side faces the open sea while the other side looks over Bucak Bay. The water here is warmer compared to other places. It's perfect for those who want to walk among the orange trees and bougainvillea while also enjoying the sea.


Kaş is a beautiful place that is perfect for all kinds of travelers looking for peace in its clear blue waters. It has many beaches, like the quiet Liman Ağzı and the pebble-covered Büyük Çakıl Beach. Each beach has its own special story, showing quiet nature and lively sea life. Whether you love diving, snorkeling, or just watching the sunset over the sea, Kaş's beaches offer beautiful views and memorable moments. Surrounded by orange trees and tall mountains, visitors can find a piece of paradise that feels special. This makes Kaş a top place to visit for anyone wanting to experience the best of the Mediterranean.

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