Best Day Trips from Kaş

Best Day Trips from Kaş

Kaş, in Turkey, is a beautiful place to visit. The town and its surroundings have lots to explore. You can enjoy activities, see interesting sights, and relax in the stunning landscapes. Day trips from Kaş offer ancient ruins, sunny beaches, and more. It's a great place for history lovers, nature fans, or anyone seeking a leisurely day away from the city. There's something for everyone around Kaş.

A Day in Demre

Demre is a small town on the Turquoise coast of Turkey. You can reach it easily for a day trip from Kaş or a longer visit from Antalya. The town is famous because it's where Saint Nicholas, the guy who inspired Santa Claus, lived. But, Demre has more than just Christmas history.

Things to see in Demre include Myra ancient ruins, the Church of Saint Nicholas, and Andriake museum and ruins. There's also a pretty beach with clear water for swimming.

demre ancient city

How To Get There


  • If you're heading from Kaş, go east on the main coastal road D400 for 48km.
  • If you're coming from Antalya, head west on the main coastal road D400 for 142km.


  • Buses from Kaş bus terminal to Demre run every hour and cost around 15-20 TL.
  • Buses from Antalya to Demre also run hourly, taking about 3 hours and 15 minutes, with fares ranging from 25-35 TL.



A Trip to Gömbe

Gömbe is a village in the Akdag Mountain range known for its tasty apples and pears. In the village square, you can find many places to eat and drink that serve traditional Turkish food. There is also a mosque to visit and a bustling Friday market in the summer. The real treasures are further up in the mountains. It's a great idea to explore these areas for a longer day trip from Kas.

How To Get There

For this trip, it's best to rent a car in Kaş. Many places in Kaş rent cars. The drive from Kaş to Gömbe is about 66 kilometers. The road is full of twists and turns through the mountains. You can use online maps to find your way to Gömbe.

Start by going east on D400, then turn onto 07-52. This road will lead you most of the way, up and over the mountain. At the junction, turn right onto 07-53, and after 6.6 km, turn left to cross the dam. Look for the sign that says Gömbe. Following these directions will take you over a stunning mountain pass with beautiful views of valleys, pine forests, and cedars. The cedar trees in this forest are really amazing.

Uçarsu Waterfall and Green Lake

This spot in the mountains is a beautiful place to take a short walk and enjoy great views. It's cool up here, away from the hot weather down below. People from all over Turkey visit because they think the water is special. Locals wash their faces in the lake and fill containers with river water.

To get here, follow the brown signs from Gömbe for Uçarsu Şelalesi. There's a small parking area before the road gets too rough. Start with a hike to Yesil Lake (Green Lake), it's nice. Walk up to the lake, then go left and follow the path up the hill. It goes over and down to the river. Follow the path along the river until you see a big juniper tree. Keep going toward the car park. Look back at the tree from the path, and you'll see the waterfall below.

Summer Yayla – Subaşı Yaylası

From the waterfall, go back to the main road and turn left to head up the mountain. After 3 km, you'll find a flat called Yayla in Turkey, a spot for grazing animals. Some locals live here traditionally, moving their herds up in summer for cooler weather, then down for winter. There are no marked trails, but you can hike as much as you like at this higher altitude (2000m), limited only by your imagination and fitness level.

subaşı yaylası

Kayaking over Kekova

A day trip in Kaş is kayaking over the sunken city of Kekova. Kekova used to be a city on land, but it sank 6 meters under the sea due to earthquakes. Diving is not allowed here, so the best way to see it is by kayaking over it. Don't forget waterproof shoes or sandals for walking around the island.

kekova people kayaking


Arykanda was the lively town of Lycia. Arykanda is a big archaeological site, so plan a few hours to see it all. There's an amphitheater, Odeon, shops (Agora), and the biggest bath area in Lycia. Since it's not as well-known as other places in Turkey, you might have it all to yourself.

How To Get There

From Kaş, it's 76 kilometers by car. Go on the D400 road to Finike. When you reach Demre, turn left and take road 075 for a beautiful drive through the mountains. Alternatively, you can catch bus 6120 from Kaş or Fethiye to the Arykanda Antik Kenti stop. From there, it's a quick walk uphill (just follow the signs).

You can find nice small fish places near the area where you can relax and have lunch after exploring all morning. To get there, go south on D635 towards Finike. After driving about 8-9 kilometers, turn right and follow the road along the river. The restaurants will be on the right side.


Discovering Turkey's rich history and stunning sights is an amazing adventure for any traveler. You can take peaceful kayak trips at the sunken city of Kekova or explore the less crowded paths of Arykanda. Each experience will create lasting memories. Whether you're exploring ancient sites or trying local food by a calm river, Turkey's mix of history, culture, and nature is special. Remember to bring your sense of adventure and a good camera to capture every moment in this captivating country.


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