A Day Trip from Kas to Meis Island: History, Attractions, and Travel Guide

A Day Trip from Kas to Meis Island: History, Attractions, and Travel Guide

Located just a short 30-minute ferry ride from Kas, a nice town on the coast in Turkey, Meis Island is a place of beauty and history. It has a strong community with old roots. Meis, also called Kastellorizo, welcomes visitors to discover its history, enjoy its culture, and try its tasty local food. This blog post is for people who like to explore new places.

Meis Island: History and Culture

Meis Island has a long history like the layers of the sea that touch its shores. It's in a good spot in the Eastern Mediterranean which means lots of different people have lived there. This tiny island has seen empires come and go, hosted knights and crusaders, and been important to both saints and sultans. To really understand Meis, you have to walk through its history with every step you take and every time the sea breeze blows.

Every building on Meis Island shows its important history. There's the big walls of Sovalyeler Kalesi, also known as the Castle of the Knights and the calm St. George of the Mountain Monastery Chapel. These old places tell stories from the past and attract curious visitors. You can also take a walk through the little town full of colorful houses, narrow streets and meet friendly locals.

Meis Greek Island

The Castle of the Knights (Sovalyeler Kalesi)

The Knights Castle, also known as Sovalyeler Kalesi, watches over Meis Island. This old fort was important when the Knights of St. John were in charge. Sitting on a hill, the ruined castle now gives great views of the blue sea. It reminds us of the island's past struggles. People come to see the old walls that saw fights and wars long ago. The castle visit is like going back in time, feeling the island's history of courage and survival in each stone. The Castle is open on Mondays from 13:30 to 19:00, and on other days from 08:00 to 19:00.

St. George of the Mountain Monastery Chapel

Tucked in the green trees and rough land of Meis Island, the St. George of the Mountain Monastery Chapel is a peaceful place. This quiet chapel is for Saint George and has a long history of prayer. Different from the big Castle of the Knights, the chapel is simple and makes you feel calm when you go in. Even though it's not fancy, the walls have years of prayers. The chapel has a nice view of the blue Mediterranean Sea, which has comforted many people. If you want to relax or see the island's beauty, visit the St. George of the Mountain Monastery Chapel.

Meis Island Chapel

Travel Guide to Meis Island

The journey to get to Meis Island starts at the pretty harbor of Kas. You take a relaxing ferry ride across the shiny water that separates normal from amazing. The sea looks blue like a carpet in the morning sun, and you just follow it to the colorful island.

When you arrive at Meis Island, you'll feel peaceful and see lively places in the sunny squares. You can do lots here, like swimming in the grottos of Blue Cave Meis or enjoying meals by the sea. The island has nice spots to swim - quiet bays with pebble beaches calling for a relaxing time under the sun.

Dining and Accommodation

Where To Eat In Meis Island

Start your food journey on Meis Island with a mix of Mediterranean and island flavors. Enjoy fresh seafood, Greek snacks, and tasty pastries. Explore the cozy charm of Meis Island's restaurants for a delightful dining experience.

  • Lazarakis Restaurant: Located next to the water, Lazarakis Restaurant has amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. It's a great place to eat grilled octopus, a local favorite, and watch the sun go down.


    This place not only has tasty food but also shows the friendly welcome Meis Island is famous for.

    Where To Stay In Meis Island

    If you enjoy exploring and relaxing, some comfy spots to stay on Meis Island provide a calm place to rest and get energy back. You can wake up to the sea smell and the island's history sound outside your window. Pick between old guesthouses with tales or new spots with a nice sea view to plan your next trip.

    • Kastellorizo Hotel: For an excellent stay, Kastellorizo Hotel is a great pick with its good spot. Situated on the edge of Meis, this hotel gives you comfy rooms with wide views of the Mediterranean Sea. Each morning, you get a delicious breakfast with local food, getting you set for a day of fun or chill time. Chill out by the hotel's pool or enjoy Meis's clear waters, perfect for those who want both adventure and peace.


    • Karnayo Apartments: These apartments are close to the port and offer a calm stay on Meis Island. The rooms are tidy, with traditional details that show you Meis's culture. The owners are really nice and make sure you have all you need for a comfy stay. You can book your acommodation here.


    Meis Island is more than just a short trip from Kas, an experience that touches your feelings and heart, leaving a strong memory that makes you want to return. It's like a picture that shows stories of people being strong, making art, and having good food. For people who want a break from regular tourism, Meis Island offers a unique adventure where every moment is as good as the island's history.

    From the warm sun of the Mediterranean to the old stories in the wind, Meis Island calls you - a peaceful place for adventurers. It's time for a new part in your travel book, with the sea in the ink. Always keep Meis in your heart - a place you'll never forget once you've been there.

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