5 Best Local Restaurants in Kemer

5 Best Local Restaurants in Kemer

Discovering the best local places to eat is an important part of experiencing Kemer's culture and delicious food. In Kemer, you can find a wide range of dining options, from traditional Turkish dishes to international flavors, to suit everyone's taste. Whether you want a romantic dinner by the sea, a family-friendly meal, or a relaxed dining spot, Kemer's top restaurants offer not just tasty food but also nice vibes and great service. Here, we list the top 5 local restaurants that will give you a memorable dining experience while you're in Kemer.

1. Lavash Kebab House

The Lavish Kebab House in Kemer is located near the main walkway and offers tasty kebab dishes. The portions are big, especially the doner and Adana kebabs. They are made in large amounts and are reasonably priced. They also serve Turkish pizza (Pide), salads, and seafood dishes for those who prefer other options besides meat.

The atmosphere is relaxed and popular among locals looking for a casual meal. The service is friendly and quick, ensuring you get your Turkish meal with a smile in no time.

Adress: Merkez, Kemer Cd. No. 2, 07990 Kemer, Antalya, Türkiye

Phone: (0)242 814 55 20

kebab on a plate

2. Panorama Restaurant

Panorama Restaurant is in a quiet hilltop village a 40-minute drive from Kemer. The food is great and the place has a nice country feel. You can see the Tahtali Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea. It's a pretty spot to eat. People love the fresh organic food and the friendly owner, Sulfi. For breakfast, they have homemade yogurt and jams with warm pita bread. It's a popular place for hikers exploring the hills.

Adress: Beycik, 07980 Kemer, Antalya, Türkiye

Phone: (0)242 816 12 20

3. Monte Kemer

Monte Kemer is a cozy restaurant located on a quiet street just a short 5-minute walk from Kemer’s main area. Despite its proximity to the busy tourist spots, this family-friendly eatery offers a relaxed atmosphere, affordable prices, and delicious local dishes. It's a favorite among locals and savvy travelers.

You can enjoy your meal on the covered patio outside. The menu is full of tasty options like chateaubriand and pepper steak, along with free fruits and raki. Everything at Monte Kemer is plentiful, yummy, and budget-friendly. The place is open daily from 10 AM to 2 AM.

Adress: Merkez Mahallesi No. 58, 125. Sk., 07980 Antalya, Türkiye

Phone: (0)242 814 45 77


4. Ulupınar Havuzbaşı Restaurant

Ulupınar Havuzbaşı is a special local restaurant in Kemer that provides a unique dining experience. Despite its simple decor, this peaceful riverside eatery offers a fantastic natural setting and delicious traditional Turkish food. Located about 30 minutes outside Kemer, Ulupınar Havuzbaşı is close to a trout farm, ensuring the freshest catch for your meal. You can catch your fish and have it prepared on the spot with tasty seasonings. They also serve oven-baked pide, a variety of appetizers, and delicious halva dessert, making it a great place for families.

Adress: Ulupınar, 07980 Kemer, Antalya, Türkiye

Phone: (0)242 825 0024

oven-baked pide turkish pizza

5. Pasa Kebap Salonu

Visit Pasa Kebap Salonu for delicious kebabs, known as the best in town. They offer a variety of options including lamb, beef, chicken, juicy steaks, and tasty soups. Vegetarians can enjoy cheese-infused pide and fresh shepherd's salad. The atmosphere is classy yet relaxed, service is excellent thanks to the hardworking local owner. All this quality comes at a reasonable price.

Adress: Merkez, Atatürk Cad. No. 36, 07990 Kemer, Antalya, Türkiye

Phone: (0)242 814 29 13


Kemer has beautiful views and a lively culture. It offers a tasty food journey for everyone. You can enjoy generous dishes at Monte Kemer, dine by the river at Ulupınar Havuzbaşı, and savor delicious kebabs at Pasa Kebap Salonu. These places showcase Turkey's great flavors and friendly hospitality. They don't just serve good food but also let you experience Turkish traditions and the welcoming locals. Eating at these spots will make your trip to Kemer unforgettable.

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