Eternal Flames of Chimera: Myth vs. Reality

Eternal Flames of Chimera: Myth vs. Reality

In Turkey's heart, among pretty Olympos views, there's a spot full of stories and facts. Chimera (Yanartas), called the land of forever fires, has amazed folks for ages. Let's check out the tales, tell you how to get there, and explain the science behind this cool place.

Mythical Story of Yanartas

The name 'Yanartas' itself translates to 'flaming stone'. In old Greek stories, Hipponoes, son of Glaukos the king of Ephyra, kills his brother Belleros while hunting. He then becomes known as Bellerophontes, which means "Belleros Eater." Bellerophontes is sent away from Ephyra and finds shelter with the king of Argos.

The king of Argos, unable to harm Bellerophontes, sends him to the King of Lycia. The King of Lycia also spares Bellerophontes and instead sends him to fight Chimera, a scary monster with a lion head, goat body, snake tail, and flaming breath living on Mount Olympus. Bellerophontes faces Chimera on his flying horse named Pegassos. During the fight, Pegassos flies up and Bellerophontes defeats Chimera by stabbing it deep underground. Despite this, Chimera's flames still burn from beneath the ground.

In a tale passed down through generations, it's said that these flames are Chimera's. A race is held on Olympus to honor Bellerophontes' victory, where athletes light their torches from Chimera's fire and run to Olympus city. This event is believed to be the first Olympic Games in Anatolia, which later grew with more sports added.

Yanartas Eternal Flames

How To Get There

Just an hour away from Kemer, Yanartas invites those who seek adventure to discover its secrets. To see the eternal flames, you have to walk through rough land to reach this natural sight. The way to Yanartas isn't just a walk; it's like going back in time where modern stuff goes away, and old land vibes come in. You can drive there or walk a bit, feeling excited as you get closer to this awesome nature show.

Explanation of Chimera Flames

Yanartas is more than just a story. Scientists say the flames there are from natural gases like methane coming up from the ground. When these gases hit air, they catch fire on their own, making it seem like the fires never go out. Knowing this makes Yanartas even more amazing, showing it's not just a myth but a cool part of nature.

Olympos Eternal Flames of Chimera Yanartas

What People Say About Yanartas

"You have to go. We stayed in Antalya and hired a private taxi for about 2000 lira to take us there and back. This is the best choice if you go in the off season. You have to pay an entrance fee (can't remember how much, but it's not expensive). Before you start climbing, there are toilets and a small shop that sells snacks. The walk is about 1 kilometer each way. It's pretty steep but you can go at your own speed. When you reach the top, there are about 5 or 6 spots where flames come out of the ground. When we visited around 9am, we mostly had the place to ourselves. I recommend seeing this natural wonder." -C.A.


"Great walk and natural fireworks! The walk from the parking area is about 900 meters. Entrance fee is affordable, but it might take you around 1 hour to walk up to the amazing fire in the rocks and back. It's a bit challenging but nice all the way and not risky. Remember to bring water and marshmallows on sticks if you want to roast them on the fire. Have fun!" -S.

Yanartas shows stories from ancient times mixing with modern science. This special place makes you think about the big natural gas seep it is said to be. It also helps you see how important our natural world is. For people who like adventures, Yanartas in Olympos, Turkey, lets you enter a world that feels both known from stories and new from being there.




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