What Is In Kemer Centrum?

What Is In Kemer Centrum?

Kemer is in Antalya, 40 kilometers from the city. It used to be a small village but now it's a big tourist spot in Turkey. It became a district on September 13, 1991. Kemer is by the Western Taurus Mountains with a 52-kilometer coast, a key tourism place in Turkey.

Until the 1960s, Kemer was only reachable by sea because there was no highway. After 1980, it grew quickly with new roads and facilities from the South Antalya Tourism Project. Now, it's a top tourist spot in Turkey. Kemer and its nearby areas like Kiris, Tekirova, Camyuva, Arslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Goynuk, Beldibi, and Cirali are really important for tourism in Antalya.

Kemer is known for its beautiful nature. The sea, forest, and mountains meet at one spot. The clear sea, green forest, waves touching the pine trees, and using pine trees for shade on the beaches are lovely. You should check out Ayisigi Park, Liman Street, Calistepe, and Marina in Kemer. The whole coast from Beldibi to Tekirova is a natural beach. There are many bays and small harbors along its rocky shores. 

Liman Street

Liman Street doesn't have cars, so many people hang out there. Besides shopping and getting haircuts, which is nice when it's lit up at night, you can chill with coffee at nice places after a tiring day.

Kemer Clock Tower

The Clock Tower in Kemer is a well-known symbol. Built in 2005 and updated in 2011, it has a restaurant where you can enjoy food and drink while looking at Kemer from above. The tower is 36 meters tall with a viewing platform at 13 meters. Republic Square is nearby.

Kemer Clock Tower

Kemer Ayisigi Park

Ayisigi Park, found in the prettiest bay of Kemer, was constructed in 1988. It has a 300-meter stretch with 100-year-old pine and palm trees. The park has a long sandy beach and a deep blue sea marked with a Blue Flag. This eco-friendly award-winning park, blending well with its beautiful surroundings, has various businesses like food stalls, drinks, and a water park. Ayisigi Park is a leading spot in Turkey with all these attractions.

Kemer Calistepe

Calistepe, found in Kemer area of Antalya, impresses people with its special sight. When you visit Calistepe, Kemer and the Mediterranean Sea are right there. The sea on one side and trees on the other attract lots of visitors each year. You can drive up Calistepe and see this nice sight with the about 7 km road starting from Kemer center.

Kemer Calistepe

G Marina Kemer

G Marina Kemer is a certified marina with blue flags by our country's coasts. It can hold 150 yachts at sea and 150 yachts on land.

G-Marina Kemer has everything yacht owners need: security, marine services, fuel, electricity, water supply, marina market, shops, boat maintenance, and a 60-ton boat lifter.

Antalya Airport is 50 km away from the marina. The Kemer Border Gate is where people go in and out of the country. Officials work there at the Marina entrance. The Marina security team keeps things safe on land and sea all day, every day.


In summary, Kemer offers a lot of beautiful places to see. From the tall lookout tower with a great view, to the peaceful Moonlight Park with its clean beach and old trees, and the interesting Çalıştepe where you can see both the sea and the forest. There's also the well-equipped G Marina Kemer for boat owners. All these spots make Kemer a special place to visit in Turkey. Whether you like nature, the sea, or boats, there's something here for everyone. Plus, it's not too far from Antalya Airport, making it easy to get to.



Where to shop in Kemer center?

Many places to shop in Kemer center: local markets, souvenir shops, and clothing stores. Marina market at G-Marina Kemer has products for boat owners and tourists. Also, shopping malls with local and international brands nearby. Easy to find souvenirs or new clothes.

What are the main activities in Kemer?

Kemer has many things to do for visitors. You can relax on the nice beaches, explore old places, and do water activities. Popular things to do include boat trips, diving to see underwater caves, and paragliding for a great view. There are also paths for walking and biking. You can enjoy cultural events and festivals. The Marina area has restaurants, bars, and live music. Whether you like a calm vacation or an active one, Kemer has something for you. Plan your activities early to have a great trip.

What is the best time to visit Kemer?

Kemer has hot summers and mild winters. It's nice all year. Visit in spring or fall for fewer people and better prices. Summer is good for water sports. 

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