What is Kemer, Turkey Known for?

What is Kemer, Turkey Known for?

Kemer, Turkey, is a beautiful place for travelers who like nature. It's in Antalya by the sea. Kemer is great for people who want peaceful views and old stuff. Many tourists like Kemer because of the big mountains, clear water, and old things there. This blog post asks you to check out the best parts of Kemer. It shows why Kemer is special by the sea. If you like nature or history, Kemer is waiting for you to visit.

Natural Beauty of Kemer

Bey Mountains' Foothills:

Kemer is charming because of the hilly Bey Mountains around it. There are trails with great views showing how land and sea work together. The old mountains covered in green plants are always there, inviting hikers and nature fans to explore.

Pine Forests and Mountain Landscapes:

In Kemer, the air smells like pine. There are old forests covering the hills where plants and animals live. There is a big mountain called Tahtalı, which climbers like to climb and paragliders enjoy. It's the way to the sky in Kemer. It's a cool place for exciting adventures in the high mountains.

Tourist Attractions in a Beautiful Place:

Kemer is more than just a place for adventurous people. The town has beautiful beaches like Moonlight and Phaselis where you can enjoy the sun and the Mediterranean Sea. Underwater, you can see lots of fish and sea creatures if you like scuba diving. Kemer is known for its pretty views and green scenery, making it a great spot for photographers to capture nature's beauty.

Bey Mountains Kemer

Kemer Marina Experience

Luxury Yachts and Boats:

Kemer Marina is a place for luxury boats to stay by the blue sea. It's the main spot in Kemer where you can see boats and go sailing in Turkey.

Harbor Ambiance and Seaside Views:

Kemer Marina is not just about the shiny boats. It's the nice atmosphere that's worth it. There are cafes and places to eat by the water where you can relax and see the boats and waves. When the sun sets, it looks really pretty with a golden light on the water, great for romantics.

Dining Options and Fun Things to Do:

With its fancy food places, the marina offers lots of eating choices mixing old and new styles. From delicious seafood to dishes from around the world, the food here is a nice part of Kemer's friendliness. Besides eating, the marina is where you find the town's fun nighttime spots, with bars and cafes playing music and having parties.



Exploring the Ancient City of Phaselis

Kemer has old stuff from a city called Phaselis. You can see the old buildings from a long time ago. It shows how the Romans used to build things.

Walking through Phaselis, you'll see important stuff like the old theater and a marketplace where people used to do business and talk. The leftover harbor reminds us of busy trading and sea strength, leaving a big story that still matters today.

Phaselis is more than just a historical place; it holds culture and history that show the past vividly. The site is proof of exploration and sharing between different cultures, leaving a lasting impact on Phaselis and Kemer.

Ulupınar Nature Park Adventure

Ulupınar in Kemer is a peaceful place in nature. Waterfalls flow gently, giving calm by their quiet streams. Trees offer shade from the sun. The springs are known for healing. Picnic spots in the park let you relax surrounded by greenery.

Ulupınar is a mix of excitement and peace. The park has paths for both thrill-seekers and those who like to relax. You can be an adventurous explorer or just enjoy nature's beauty here.

Ulupinar Nature Park

Tahtalı Mountain Cable Car Ride

Going up like a road to the sky, the Tahtalı Mountain cable car shows Kemer's high views. The view from the top is like a mix of sea and sky, making you think about things.

The climb is not just a journey; it shows how people try hard to reach the top to see the beauty up high. It makes you feel more alive and helps you see how amazing everything is around us.

Adventurous Activities in Kemer

Paragliding Experiences:

Kemer's skies are great for people who want to fly. Paragliding from Tahtalı Mountain is a freeing experience. You float over pretty views of Kemer. It's exciting, leaving your worries behind as you feel happy soaring high.

Water Sports and Beach Adventures:

Kemer's coastal vibe is not just about relaxing; it's about the lively sea energy. Diving into the Mediterranean shows a lot of sea life, while jet skiing and water skiing are fun on the water. Kemer's beaches are perfect for playing beach volleyball, beach soccer, and just enjoying the seaside.

A Girl Playing Beach Volleyball

Nightlife in Kemer

Kemer is lively day and night. The town has a street full of fun bars playing music and having a good time. Nightclubs are there for people who like to dance and have fun all night long, making unforgettable memories.

Olympos and Yanartas

Next to Kemer, the old city of Olympos has lots of old stuff from long ago - leftovers from people who lived there a long time back. If you walk to Yanartaş, you can see flames that never go out. It's weird rocks with fire on them, a cool thing people tell stories about.



Famous Beaches of Kemer

Moonlight Beach:

Moonlight Beach invites romantic people with its peaceful beauty. The yellow sands, touched by moonlight or sunlight, make a great place for relaxing during the day. The quiet waters give a break from the busy city life.

Phaselis Beach:

Phaselis Beach isn't just sand. It tells the story of Phaselis' history at sea. Ancient ruins in the background make it special, giving a beach that's full of history and beautiful sights.


Kemer is a beautiful place with nature and history. It's a great escape from everyday life. Kemer has treasures to explore. When the sun sets, the sky turns orange and purple, showing Kemer's connection to nature. It's a town worth visiting for every traveler.

If you want to check out what Kemer has to offer, now's the time to pack up and go. Whether you're looking at boats in the marina or walking around Phaselis, Kemer offers a unique experience. It's all about adventure, luxury, and the special vibe of a seaside town surrounded by beautiful nature.



How far is Kemer from Antalya and what's the best way to get there?

Kemer is approximately 43 kilometers away from Antalya. The best way to get there is by car, which takes around 45 minutes. However, you can also take a bus from Antalya to Kemer, which takes about an hour and a half.

What to do in Kemer?

In Kemer, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, water sports, visit the Goynuk Canyon, explore the Phaselis ancient city, and experience the vibrant nightlife.

When is Kemer Carnival?

The Kemer Carnival usually takes place in late May or early June. The exact dates vary each year, so it's best to check the official website for more information.

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