The Beauty of Marmaris National Park: What's Inside and Around

The Beauty of Marmaris National Park: What's Inside and Around

Green nature next to beautiful coast, Marmaris National Park is a place for explorers who want to see the natural beauty of Turkey. This guide shows you the calm and greatness of this special place. From winding rivers to secret beaches and waterfalls, Marmaris National Park has a mix of different things that will stay with you.

Koycegiz Lake

Surrounded by green hills, Koycegiz Lake is a peaceful place that makes you love nature. The big lake shines in the sun, showing the green trees along its edges. Riding a boat on the lake feels like a journey through a storybook, with old tombs in the area telling stories of the past.

For a peaceful time in the area, check out the many hidden spots around the lake. You can enjoy the quiet and natural beauty there. If you like exploring, take a walk around the lake. It's an exciting experience, and you'll see lots of interesting things. Bird lovers will be happy to see different types of birds like grebes and kingfishers. The place has a lot of history and unique plants that show Turkey's diverse nature.

How to Get There: The lake is easy to get to from Marmaris town center, about 40 kilometers away. You can drive there or go on a tour. Going to the park is free, but you might have to pay for boating. Check out renting boats or going on a guided trip for a good time.

koycegiz lake marmaris

Dalyan River and Iztuzu Beach

A trip on the Dalyan River is like a beautiful journey. The rough cliffs along the sides lead to the magical area of Sarigerme and the timeless town of Kaunos, an old city that looks over these waters. Nearby, Iztuzu Beach, also called Turtle Beach, is an important place where loggerhead turtles lay their eggs. The clean sands and blue waters give a peaceful getaway, and the wildlife centers on the beach teach about protecting sea animals.

For a great time at Dalyan River, choose a classic wooden boat called "piyade." It goes through reed beds and stops at important places. The mud baths near Lake Koycegiz are refreshing. The mud is said to have healing abilities.

How to Get There: Dalyan is close to Marmaris and you can go there by bus or on a tour. You can take a boat to Iztuzu Beach from Dalyan. If you visit during turtle nesting season, you might see some turtles and have a great nature experience.



Ekincik Bay and Kumlubuk

If you want to be alone, Ekincik Bay is perfect. It has clear water and beautiful beaches surrounded by trees. The bay is calm with sea and sky, good for swimming, fishing, and sunbathing.

Close to Ekincik, Kumlubuk is beautiful and natural. The calm sea is nice for swimming, and the green land is good for walking and watching birds. In Kumlubuk, you can see the old city of Amos, which adds mystery to this peaceful place.

How to Get There: To reach Ekincik Bay and Kumlubuk from Marmaris, you can take a boat on daily tours. For a quieter time, you can go by boat and walking. Local guides can show you the best way to explore.

ekincik bay

Cennet Island and Sariana Cave

In Marmaris, Cennet Island is like paradise. The island has lots of plants. You can snorkel and dive to see many sea animals and colorful corals in the water. If you like exploring caves, Sariana Cave is beautiful with tunnels and rooms, telling ancient stories.

Visiting these places is like going on an adventure while promising to protect nature. The delicate ecosystems of Cennet Island and Sariana Cave need to be explored carefully, so we don't disturb the natural balance there.

How to Get There: Cennet Island and Sariana Cave can be reached by boat tours from Marmaris. Remember to plan ahead for snorkeling and caving adventures, as you might need special guides and gear.

Bozburun Peninsula and Turgut Waterfall

The Bozburun Peninsula shows how nature can stay strong. It has rough land and small towns that keep old traditions. There are many old places to see like Old Datca and Knidos. You can walk on the coast and see the sea hit the rocks below. It feels special and powerful.

A trip to Turgut Waterfall in Marmaris is a must. The waterfall drops from high up, making a loud noise and creating a clear pool to swim in. The forest around is full of different birds singing, making it a beautiful place to enjoy nature.

How to Get There: The Bozburun Peninsula can be reached by road from Marmaris. Some areas are only accessible on foot. The Turgut Waterfall is inland and can be reached by a mix of road and walking. Local guides and places to stay can give you simple directions and tips for exploring this varied land.

bozburun peninsula

Marmaris National Park and the area around it have lots of cool things to do for people who like adventures. You can find peaceful spots or try exciting activities. If you want a break from your usual routine and want to feel more connected to nature, Marmaris is the place to be. It's really pretty and has stories from long ago. Remember, every part of this park has a story, and you can only understand how amazing they are by seeing them yourself. Bring your curiosity and go explore — Marmaris is waiting for you.

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