What To See In Marmaris?

What To See In Marmaris?

In the southwest of Turkey, Marmaris is by the rocky coast where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet. It's loved by travelers for its beautiful views, old stuff, and lively way of life. If you like the idea of blue-green waters by green mountains, Marmaris is perfect for you.


Marmaris, a town in Turkey by the sea, isn't just for vacations. It mixes history with a busy harbor and lots of visitors come by land and water. You can see the big Marmaris Castle and long pebbled beaches. Marmaris is a great place to explore.


Exploring Marmaris

Must-See Attractions and Activities

Marmaris Castle and Museum

The castle in Marmaris, called Marmaris Castle, is a big building from a long time ago - around 3000 BCE. Inside the castle, there's a museum that shows what Marmaris was like in the past, when the Ottomans, Byzantines, and Romans were in charge. The view from the top of the castle is really nice and it's the best part of visiting - you'll love the sight from up there.

To get to Marmaris Castle from the center of Marmaris, you can walk through the busy streets. It's not far and you'll get a real sense of the city. Or you can hop in a local taxi for a quick ride to the castle. If you like, you can rent a bike and enjoy a nice ride - it's good for the environment and adds to the fun. The trip is easy, taking you quickly from the city vibe to the old castle's grand look.

Marmaris Castle

Ancient City of Amos

Not far from Marmaris, you can see the old city of Amos in the pine forests. It's not as popular as other ancient places nearby but still amazing. The theater, looking out to the sea, is the main part of this old city. It's a calm place to enjoy the views and think about the past.

To go from Marmaris to Ancient City of Amos, you have a few easy ways. You can take a shared minibus called "dolmuş" from Marmaris bus station. These minibuses run often and can get you near the old place. If you want more fun, you can rent a car or a scooter to explore at your own speed. The way to Amos is marked well. It's about a 30-minute drive south from Marmaris, with nice views as you go along the coast. The last bit might need a short walk through the edge of a forest to reach the old stuff, giving you a taste of the history you're going to see.

Ancient City of Amos

Marmaris Amphitheater

The Marmaris Amphitheater is an old place that shows the city's history. It's built into a hill and you can see the blue sea. People like to go there at sunset.

To get to the Marmaris Amphitheater from the city center, you can take a short trip by bus or walk. Walking is easy and takes about 15 to 20 minutes. It's a nice way to see the busy city. If you want to go faster, you can grab a taxi. They're quick and will take you straight to the old place. Another fun choice is to hop on a dolmuş. It's a cheap way to feel the local vibe. No matter how you go, the Marmaris Amphitheater is there for you to explore.


Dalyan Lycian Rock Tombs

Near Marmaris, Dalyan has the Lycian Rock Tombs carved high on cliffs. You can reach them by boat. The tombs give a beautiful view and show how the Lycian people buried their dead.

To go from Marmaris to the Dalyan Lycian Rock Tombs, you can take a mix of road and river travel. First, hop on a local bus or drive for about an hour to Dalyan town. Then, get on a riverboat. The boat will cruise through the reed-lined waterways of the Dalyan delta, showing you local animals and peaceful nature views. When you get near the ancient tombs, you'll see the impressive carved faces on the cliffs, which look amazing and make you think about the past. There are lots of boat trips, and guides can share the history to make your visit to this old place even better.

Dalyan Lycian Rock Tombs

Marmaris Kemeralti Bazaar

A hidden gem within Marmaris, the Kemeraltı Bazaar is a labyrinth of narrow streets bursting with color and the aroma of exotic spices. It's a haven for shoppers and food enthusiasts, providing a taste of Turkish life off the beaten path.

To get to Kemeralti Bazaar from Marmaris center, you have a few easy choices. You can walk for about 15-20 minutes along the seafront, which lets you enjoy the local vibe. Or, you can take a taxi for a faster ride, but it costs more. If you like a real local experience, you can hop on a "dolmuş" minibus from specific stops. Just tell the driver where you're going, and you'll be at the lively Bazaar in no time.

Local Cuisine and Dining Spots

Dede Restaurant

For panoramic views and a culinary treat, stop by Heaven Restaurant where you can savor traditional Turkish cuisine at its finest. Mezze platters, fresh seafood, and succulent kebabs are basic supplies of their menu.



Kardelen Pide

Pide, the Turkish pizza, is a must-try in Marmaris, and Kardelen Pide is renowned for its tasty versions. Whether it's the classic ground meat pide or a more adventurous combination of flavors, you won't be disappointed.

Shopping Opportunities

Netsel Marina Shopping Mall

The Netsel Marina Mall in Marmaris is where you can shop at fancy stores and relax indoors when it's hot outside. They have many different brands and places to eat.

To get to Netsel Marina Shopping Mall from downtown Marmaris, you have a few easy choices. It's just a 15-minute walk from Marmaris Center, so you can enjoy a nice stroll through the city. If you want to get there faster, you can hop in a taxi and be at the mall in less than 5 minutes. Another cheap way to go is the "dolmuş" service, where you can catch a ride to the mall for a low price. Just wait at a marked stop and tell the driver where you're going.

Grand Bazaar Marmaris

The Grand Bazaar in Marmaris is a mix of Turkish culture and shopping. You can buy lots of things like pretty ceramics, fabrics, spices, and jewelry. Remember to bargain; it's part of the fun shopping there.

To see the busy market in Marmaris from the center, you have a few ways to get there. You can walk for about 20 minutes from Marmaris Center. The walk goes through busy streets where you can see local life. Taxis are easy to find for a quick ride, taking about 5 to 10 minutes depending on traffic. If you want a local experience, you can take the dolmuş minibuses, which are cheap and run often. You can catch them at many stops in the city center; just tell the driver you want to go to the Grand Bazaar.

FAQ About Marmaris

What are the weather conditions in Marmaris?

Marmaris has hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. July and August are the warmest months, with temperatures in the high 30s. Winters are not too cold, but they get some rain, which can be nice after the dry summer.

When does the season start and end in Marmaris?

Summer in Marmaris starts from late May and goes till early October. This is when lots of tourists come, there are events, and it's the best time for going to clubs. Spring and autumn have nicer weather and fewer people, so it's good for a chill visit.

Can I visit Marmaris from Rhodes?

Marmaris is close to the Greek island of Rhodes. You can take a short ferry ride there for a day trip. The ferry goes across the Aegean Sea. It's an adventure to get there, and you can do it any time of the year.

When is the best time to visit Marmaris?

The ideal time to go to Marmaris depends on what you like. Summer is great for beach fans and people who like busy places. Spring and fall are good too, with nice weather and the leaves changing color.

Marmaris is busiest in summer when the beaches are popular and the town is lively at night. It's important to book your stay and tours early during this busy time.


Marmaris is a mix of old and new, busy and calm. If you like history, nature, or friendly people, Marmaris is for you. It's great for a getaway by the sea with history. Easy to visit other places nearby and Turkish people are nice. Get ready to love this Turkish coastal town.

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