10 Must-Have Experiences in Side

10 Must-Have Experiences in Side

Located on the coast of Turkey, Side is an old port city with lots of history and pretty views. It's great for travelers who like adventure or history. You can see ancient stuff and hang out by the sea all in one trip. Whether you want to explore old ruins, check out the ocean, or just relax by the beach, Side has something special waiting for you.

1. Submarine Archaeology Diving in Side

Discover Side's maritime history with a special underwater archaeology trip. Instead of a regular dive, this adventure takes you back in time. Side's warm waters hide old towns, ports, and shipwrecks, perfect for underwater archaeology. Check out the famous Harbor of Side with ruins from the old Greek and Roman times. Divers get to see ancient objects and painted panels, learning about sea trade and old port life.



2. Horse Safari Tours

Explore Side's beautiful countryside from a new view, on horseback. Ride through olive groves, pine forests, and old city sites. Guided horse tours show rural Turkish life. See Side's nature, learn about plants and animals with local guides. Horse lovers will love the feeling of freedom they get on the trails. All tours are safe, with trained horses and experienced guides. Don't miss this unique way to see Side.

woman riding horse

3. Visiting the Ancient Ruins

Side is a city with a rich history, dating back thousands of years. There are many ancient ruins scattered throughout the city, where visitors can step back in time and experience life in ancient civilizations. Must-see ruins include the Temple of Apollo, the Agora, and the Roman Theatre. With stunning views and impressive architecture, these ruins are a must-visit for any history buff.

3. Yoga Classes on Side Beach

For a peaceful time, you can do yoga classes on Side Beach. Enjoy the calmness and beach views. Picture the sun rising over the sea as you do yoga, or listen to the waves during your yoga session at sunset. Side's beaches have a nice setting for yoga. Different outdoor classes are offered for visitors to find peace by the coast.

4. Ancient Theater Concerts in Side

Side's old theatre is a really beautiful building that's been around a long time. It has a great view of the sea. The sound there is good, which makes it a nice place for concerts, plays, and dances. People come from all over the world for events at different times of the year. Watching a show at this special place, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, lets you feel connected to history in a real way.

event in an ancient theater

5. Night Walks Among Ancient Ruins in Side

After the sun goes down, the old Side ruins look magical. Walking around the Ancient Roman Theatre, Temple of Apollo, or the Agora in the evening is like stepping back in time. Walking in the moonlight, you can see how big and quiet these old buildings are when there aren't many people around. Night walks let you feel a special connection to the city's history and imagine how lively it used to be.

Ancient Ruin View at Night

6. Bicycle Tours Around Side

Cycling fans will enjoy Side's flat land, great for easy rides or longer trips. Bike tours are a fun and healthy way to see historic sites like Turkey’s big old water bridge or quiet paths to secret beaches. Guided tours suit all, for a safe and fun adventure with nice views for photos.

7. Traditional Handicraft Workshops in Side

Explore local culture by joining traditional handicraft workshops in Side. Learn paper marbling and make Meerschaum pipes. Have fun and discover Turkish crafts. It's educational and fun, giving you a glimpse of local art and a chance to make a special souvenir from your trip.

8. Nature Walks and Picnics around Side

The area around Side has lots of beautiful nature for hikers. There are clear trails to pretty waterfalls, wide views, and peaceful spots for picnics in the mountains with pine trees. Bring local food, relax under the sun, and enjoy nature.

a girl eating watermelon at a beach

9. Sunset Kayaking on Side's Coastal Waters

For a special and unforgettable time, go kayaking at sunset on Side's coast. Paddle near the shore as the sun goes down, making the water look golden. It's also cool to find hidden caves and small inlets only reachable by kayak. Remember to bring your camera for nice sunset pictures.

a woman kayaking at the water

10. Sea Activities in Side Harbor

To fully enjoy Side, you gotta swim in its clear water. Side Harbor is where you can start sea adventures. You can take a boat tour around the city or have fun on a jet ski. You can also try sailing on a Gulet, a wooden boat from the Mediterranean.

Side is a beautiful place with old stuff and pretty nature. It's good for people who like history and adventure. You can explore the sea or old places. In this Turkish town, you'll feel excited and want to discover more. Go there, make memories, and feel the stories in the streets and buildings.


Is it worth going to Side, Turkey?

Yes, Side is a great place to visit if you like history, culture, and nature mixed together. You can see old stuff, enjoy the beach, and try Turkish food and crafts. The town is by the sea and has a lot of history, making it a cool place for travelers.

What is Side old town in Turkey?

Side old town is a cool old place in southern Turkey by the sea. There are really old Roman stuff like a big theater, temples, and gates. They're all in a nice modern town. Walking around, you feel the history, can shop in cute stores, and eat at local places, with a great view of the coast.

Where is the best place to shop in Side, Turkey?

For a great shopping time in Side, go to the Old Town market streets. Here, you can find many different shops selling things like Turkish fabrics, handmade jewelry, spices, and pottery. It's lively, and haggling is part of the fun. Also, on Saturdays, visit the Side Market for fresh local food, clothes, and cheap souvenirs.

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