Best Nightlife in Side

Best Nightlife in Side

Side's nightlife matches the town's feel - it's laid-back but lively, perfect for fun nights out on a budget-friendly trip to Turkey. During the day, some of the bars turn into restaurants, so you can eat and then stay for the night's fun without moving. This is great because you can have a good meal and enjoy the night in one place.

Lush Side

Lush is full of life and fun, and it makes everyone feel good. It's a restaurant that turns into a lively spot at night. Lush is special for its huge range of cocktails that everyone can enjoy. It's also known as the best place to go for karaoke. With tasty food, lots of drinks, and karaoke, Lush is a place where you're sure to have a good time and feel lively.



Kiss Bar

Located in the old part of Side, the Kiss Bar is a great place for people who like to watch others while enjoying a cold drink. They have a big menu of drinks, including cold beer, wine, and different cocktails, so everyone can find something they like. The bar also has a TV where visitors can watch football games, making the place more fun. A special thing about Kiss Bar is the table outside with four mannequins wearing wigs, which attracts attention and makes people smile. This interesting feature makes the bar welcoming and fun, and it's a place you should definitely check out if you're in Side's old town.

Royal Castle Pub

The Royal Castle Pub is known for its welcoming feel. It's not just about being a warm place to stay. If you like sports, this is a great spot because it has many TVs showing live sports. It's perfect for watching your favorite games. The pub also has live music on different nights, offering music that everyone can enjoy. Plus, there's a karaoke night. This lets customers sing and entertain others, making their holiday in Turkey even more special. Whether you're there for the music, karaoke, or just to enjoy the lively vibe, The Royal Castle Pub makes sure everyone has a great time.



Liman Restaurant Lounge Club

Liman Restaurant Lounge Club is a place where you can eat and have fun. During the day, it is a nice place for dinner with candles, where people can eat fancy meals in a pretty setting. When it gets dark, it changes a lot. The lights go out, and it gets crowded, everyone excited for what's coming. They quickly move the tables outside to make space for the night's fun. Bright neon lights fill the place with colorful light, making it ready for a great night. People come to listen to live music right by the water, enjoying the beautiful view and lively vibe. Whether you want a quiet dinner or a fun night of dancing and music, Liman Restaurant Lounge Club is the spot to go.



Conny's Restaurant and Bar

Conny's is a special place that works as three things at once: a small hotel, a place to eat good food, and a fun bar. It's all in a big, pretty building with white pillars. The bar is on the ground floor, where people come to relax and have fun. They can drink many different kinds of cocktails and some beers, and play various games. Sometimes, there's karaoke or live music, which makes it even more fun and exciting for everyone.

Korner Bar

It's a favorite place for many, not just because it's lively but also because it shows sports on TV and offers shisha pipes, which makes it feel special. They serve all kinds of food all day, for people who come early for breakfast or late for a snack. But what really makes the Korner Bar stand out are the cocktails. They make them really well, and they look amazing too, often with sparklers that light up the place and lots of fruit, making each drink special. Kids love the non-alcoholic versions because they're bright and fun, and it makes the place feel like a celebration. The Korner Bar is where people go to have a good time in a friendly place with some of the best drinks around.


Apollonik is a bar that gives a special experience because it looks different inside and outside. Inside, it looks like old Turkey with detailed decorations and a cozy feel. Outside, there's a patio that feels like the countryside, where people can enjoy the outside air in a relaxed setting. The bar is near the big and old Temple of Apollo, making it a nice place to relax with a good drink or a cold beer. It's great for taking it easy after spending the day exploring and watching the sunset over the old ruins. Whether you want to feel like you're in history, be close to nature, or just find a comfortable place to chill, Apollonik offers something unique.



These unique spots offer more than drinks; they provide an experience that reaches your senses and emotions. Whether you're having a good drink with nice views by the water and relaxing music at a hidden place, or feeling like you're stepping back in time at Apollonik, enjoying a cold beer as the sun sets over ancient ruins, you're guaranteed to have a memorable time. These places stand out not only for their beverages but also for their ability to create a calm atmosphere and showcase the local culture in a way that makes them must-visit spots to enhance your leisure time.




How much does it cost to get drinks and get into places at night in Side?

The cost can change a lot depending on the place. Beach bars and smaller places usually have cheaper drinks, but the fancier clubs might ask for more money, including a price to get in. Overall, you can expect to spend a reasonable amount without spending too much.

When do places to go out at night in Side open and close?

The times can be different, but many bars and clubs open in the late afternoon and don't close until early in the morning. This means you have a lot of time to have fun at night.

Do you have to dress a certain way to go to places at night in Side?

Most places are pretty relaxed about what you wear, but it's always a good idea to dress nicely and not wear beach clothes or flip-flops. Some fancier clubs might want you to dress up more, so it's a good idea to check before you go.

Is it safe for someone traveling alone to go out at night in Side?

Yes! Side is usually a safe place for everyone, even if you're traveling by yourself. Just make sure to be smart, watch what's happening around you, and try not to walk alone at night in places that don't have many people.

Is there an age limit to get into night places in Side?

You have to be 18 years old because that's the legal age for drinking in Turkey. Most places will ask you to be at least 18 to get in. But, some fancier clubs might only let you in if you're 21 or older. It's a good idea to ask the place before you go.


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