Day Trips From Side

Day Trips From Side

From the fast rivers in Tazı Canyon to the old things in Cappadocia, Turkey has lots of adventure, culture, and fun for families. With different lands, exciting stuff to do, and old places to visit, it's no surprise that Turkey is a top spot for all kinds of travelers. Whether you like exploring and rafting or just want some family fun, Turkey has something special. In this big guide, we'll show you what to do in Turkey to make sure you have a great time.


Tazi Canyon

Tazi Canyon is a place for people who like adventure in Turkey's rough land. If you want excitement, Tazi Canyon is great. It's good for river rafting with tricky rapids between tall cliffs. Even if you're new to rafting, Tazi Canyon is beautiful with green water and amazing rocks.

For people in Side, getting to Tazi Canyon is pretty simple. It's a three-hour drive with awesome views along the way, showing you what's ahead. A local guide is the way to go for navigating the waters, usually offering transport from Side too. With their help, you can tackle the rapids with ease and enjoy the natural beauty of Tazi.



Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium invites you to explore the peaceful world of sea animals. It's a big place with lots of ocean creatures. You can see fish and other sea animals there. They also have fun things to do and learn for everyone in the family.

From Side, you can take a trip to Antalya Aquarium for a calm break from the exciting adventures around. Just hop in a car or join a bus tour to reach this seaside spot. Explore the underwater world without getting wet. Check out the daily shows and feeding times to learn about the sea creatures.




Cappadocia in Turkey is really beautiful. It's known for its weird landscapes and mysterious past. The best thing to do here is go on a hot air balloon ride. You can fly in the sky while the sun comes up and colors the background over the odd-shaped rocks. It's a special thing you won't forget.

To go to Cappadocia from Side, you have a few choices. The easiest way is to fly from Antalya to Cappadocia, where a tour company can set up your hot air balloon ride. Or, if you have time, drive there and stop at places like Derinkuyu Underground City and Göreme Open Air Museum. Whether you fly or visit the caves, Cappadocia is an amazing experience that will wow you.



Sapadere Canyon Tour

Sapadere Canyon in Turkey is a hidden place to explore. This quiet natural area is different from the excitement of Tazi. You can walk easily in the canyon, swim in natural pools, and see the Cuceler Cave. Whether you walk or sit quietly by the water, Sapadere's peace lets you escape.

You can take a guided tour from Side to see Sapadere. The journey there is as exciting as the destination. Driving through the Taurus Mountains with stops in villages lets you experience the local culture. At the canyon, guides share about the plants and animals living there, making your visit fun and educational. Read our blog post to learn everything about Sapadere Canyon.



Fire of Anatolia Dance Show

To experience Turkish culture, watch the Anatolian Fire Dance show in Aspendos. It's a must-see. Held in an old theater, it's a mix of fire dancing, music, and stories. It feels like going back in time to Turkey's past. The show shares Anatolian traditions and is a nice break from your adventures.

The show is easy to get to from Side. You can take a local tour or hire a private car to reach the amphitheater. It's held outside, which makes the performance more exciting. The actors really stand out against the old walls of the amphitheater. Remember to book early because the show is popular and tickets sell out quickly, especially in busy times for tourists. Read this, if you are interested in the show.



Land of Legends Theme Park

For families who want to make lasting memories, the Land of Legends Theme Park has everything you need for a fun time. There are exciting rides like the Hyper Coaster and space-themed attractions for thrill-seekers. Plus, there's a big water park, a place to see dolphins, and a bird area for lots of fun for everyone.

Getting to the Land of Legends Theme Park from Side is just a short one-and-a-half-hour car ride away. When you arrive, you can pick different tickets based on whether you want to have fun at the theme park, the water park, or both. Make sure to look at the park's schedule for special events and shows, like live music and performances, to add more excitement to your visit. Here, you can find everything about the theme park.



Pamukkale's White Terraces

Pamukkale, also called "Cotton Castle," is a place with white terraces made by hot water with minerals. It looks like a snowy world. This UNESCO site has the old city of Hierapolis. You can walk around old stuff and swim in Cleopatra's Pool. Pamukkale is pretty and has history, good for everyone.

To get to Pamukkale from Side, you can take a long bus ride with nice views or hire a driver for a trip that gives you more choices. When you arrive, it's easy to walk around the terraces and pools with marked paths. Remember the rules about walking on the terraces to keep this natural wonder safe for the future.



Discover the mix of cool nature stuff, old places, and fun things to do in Side. It's great for all kinds of travelers. You can check out old stuff in Pamukkale, ride exciting rides at Land of Legends Theme Park, or just enjoy the pretty views at Turkish Riviera. Plan early, be nice to nature and old places, and have a blast exploring all these spots.

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