Don't Leave Manavgat Before Doing These!

Don't Leave Manavgat Before Doing These!

Located on the beautiful coast of Turkey, Manavgat has a mix of nature, history, and fun things to do. If you love adventure, you'll find plenty to explore in Manavgat. Fly over trees on a zip line or ride the rapids for an exciting time. Come discover how to make your Manavgat trip full of thrills and fun.

Ziplining in Manavgat

If you enjoy excitement with great views, try ziplining in Manavgat. Picture yourself hanging in the air, just a strong cable keeping you above the valley, with only the sound of the wind.

Location Options and Experiences

Manavgat has different ziplining options for all skills. One spot is the Zip Line Taurus at Oymapınar Dam. The longest line is 530 meters long, letting you zip fast with great views of the Taurus mountains and blue waters below.

Safety Measures and Equipment

Don't worry, all zipline places make sure it's super safe. Before you zip, experts will talk to you about how to stay safe. They'll give you all the gear you need like harnesses and helmets to make sure your fun is both exciting and secure.

Tips for a Thrilling Ziplining Experience

For a great ziplining trip, wear comfy clothes, closed shoes, and don't bring stuff that can fall. Remember, it's not a race. Enjoy the slow, exciting ride through a beautiful place in Turkey.

Rafting in Manavgat

If you like thrills, try rafting in Manavgat. The Koprulu Canyon nearby has exciting rapids and beautiful views, perfect for a thrilling rafting experience.

Best Rafting Spots in the Area

The Koprulu Canyon National Park is where the action happens. The Koprucay River, which runs through the canyon, is a playground for watersport enthusiasts. The river maintains rapid flow year-round, ensuring consistent rafting conditions for the thrill-seeker in every season.

Level of Difficulty and Suitable for Beginners

The fast water can be hard, but some parts of the river are good for new people and families. You can pick the easy or hard way to suit you. Everyone can have a go.

Scenic Beauty Along the Rafting Routes

The rafting routes in Manavgat aren't just about the fast river; they are a beautiful sight. There are tall gorges, green water, and lots of green trees. The ride is visually pleasing, with many places to stop for a swim and a BBQ by the river.



Boat Tours in Manavgat

For a calmer but awesome time, hop on a boat tour in Manavgat. See the coastline from a new angle and enjoy the views.

Starcraft Yacht Tour

The Starcraft Yacht Tour is super luxurious, giving you a great time with fun stuff onboard, tasty food, and beautiful sunsets. The yacht also shows you hidden spots in Manavgat like caves and quiet beaches.



Manavgat River Boat Tour

A boat tour on the Manavgat River is calm and peaceful. You'll see the Taurus Mountains and visit the Manavgat Bazaar with food, crafts, and the river's sounds.



Pirate Boat Tour

If you like pirates and having fun, choose the Side Pirate Boat Tour. It has actors dressed as pirates, good for families. You can snorkel, swim, and see the old Side city from the sea. It's exciting for both kids and adults who love adventures.



Private Yacht Tour

If you want a special trip, you can book a private yacht tour. You pick where to go and how fast. The crew takes care of all your needs for a unique and memorable journey.



Green Canyon Boat Tour

The Green Canyon Boat Tour is peaceful and beautiful. When you visit the Green Lake, you can relax and enjoy the green scenery. It's a place where green looks its best. Take a break in this lovely place and enjoy the quiet nature around you.



Exploring Ancient Side

Manavgat is not only for exciting activities; it's also a gateway to an old world. Side, a city by the sea, has a long history of more than 2,000 years.

Side used to be a big Roman city and one of the old treasures of the Mediterranean. The old buildings there show how rich and important it was in the past. It's now a UNESCO site and a beautiful place to check out if you like history.

Must-Visit Attractions in Side Ancient City

The big place for shows, the Apollo Temple, and the old city walls are some of the important places to see. Each old thing tells a story from the city's long-ago times. You can feel like you're in ancient Side when you see them.

Activities and Experiences for History Buffs

Apart from the old stuff, Side has museums and galleries with really old things and art from different times. They show you lots about the city's past. Tours with a guide can help you understand better when you see the places and stuff.

Manavgat Waterfall

The Manavgat Waterfall is a stunning sight that makes you feel amazed. The huge waterfall is a breathtaking show, and going there is a must-do part of any Manavgat trip.

The waterfall is made of many little streams coming together and rushing down a cliff loudly. This makes a mist that covers the place. The green and lush area around the falls is a great place to have a peaceful day in nature.

Activities around the Waterfall

You can do a lot by the waterfall, like just looking at it or feeding nice fishes in the river. A restaurant there lets you eat near the falls, and there are places for picnics too.

Tips for the Best Viewing Experience

The waterfall is best in spring when the water is highest. Or go at quiet times to avoid crowds. You can also visit with other Manavgat places for a whole day of fun.


In summary, visiting the city of Side and seeing its old stuff, along with the Manavgat Waterfalls' nature, gives you a great time mixing old things with nature. Whether you like history, art, or just chilling in beautiful places, Side is good for everyone, with memories you'll never forget.

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