Must Visit Places in Manavgat

Must Visit Places in Manavgat

Located in Turkey's Antalya region, Manavgat is a place with beautiful nature, old stories, and interesting cultures. It has nice beaches, big waterfalls, and green views that attract people from everywhere. If you like history, nature, or just want peaceful times by calm waters, Manavgat is a great place for an amazing trip.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall is a top spot in Manavgat. It's a natural beauty. You can get there by car or bus, about 4 kilometers from town.

The Manavgat waterfall is a popular spot for local people. It's great in summer with nature, a cool view, and a lower height. It looks white from the water pouring down. You can find places to eat nearby.

Temple of Apollo

The temple is a very old building in Side, not far from the town. You can get there by driving your own car or taking a bus from Side.

The temple was made in 150 AD in honor of Apollo, the god of poetry, art, and the sun in stories. It's a popular spot for tourists and good for walks in nature. The big columns in the temple are still there and look just like they did when it was first built.

Side Ancient City

The old city in Side, a vacation place of Manavgat, is 6 kilometers from the main town. You can get to the old city, one of the first towns in the area, by driving your own car or taking Side minibuses.

The old city was made in 78 BC and was a port for years. It was built by the Romans and is a top place to visit. A big thing to see in the old city is the theater. It's a huge place that can fit 17,000 people and was made in Roman times.

Titreyen Lake

In Sorgun town, there's a lake that ripples gently because of the light wind. It's called Titreyen Lake and is a setting for the Manavgat Stream. The lake is 3,000 square meters and is home to many birds and fish. Surrounding the lake are restaurants and fun places to hang out, making it a top spot in the area.

Titreyen Lake, one spot to go in Manavgat is a beautiful natural place. You can drive there with your own car to reach the water source in the southeast of the town.

Altinbesik Cave National Park

Altınbesik Cave National Park, with Düdensuyu Cave, is near the Manavgat Valley. It has a 100-meter lake at the start and a smaller one at the end. You can explore 2200 meters of the cave since 1995. You can visit in summer and fall; the cave fills with water in other months. It's a beautiful natural spot in the region.

You can drive your own car to get to the park, which is about 55 kilometers from the Manavgat town center.

Dino Park

The park in Ilıca Neighborhood of Manavgat is one of the region's important theme parks. You can get there by driving your own car or taking a minibus from Ilıca.

Dino Park is 5 miles from the town center. It covers a big area of 50,000 square meters. The park shows lifelike dinosaur models that kids love and adults find interesting too. It has a dinosaur fossil museum and 52 moving dinosaurs. The park also has cartoon character models. People from near and far like to visit the park.

To find out interesting things and facts about Dino Park, check out our blog post for more info.

Simply put, Manavgat has lots of natural and man-made things to see. There are peaceful lakes, cool caves, and fun theme parks for everyone to enjoy. If you like nature or want a family day out, this place has it all. Manavgat is a great spot in Turkey with beautiful sights and easy-to-reach places.

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