Exploring Side Ancient City

Exploring Side Ancient City

Located on the beautiful Turkish Riviera, Side is a mix of nature and old things. It's been around for ages, from way back when the Hittites were here in 700 BC. Side has old walls and streets that remember a lot. Being by the coast helped Side be a big deal for old civilizations, and you can see that in its buildings and ways. For folks today, Side is like a museum outside, with history everywhere you walk.

Side Ancient Theater

Side Ancient Theater is an old theater from Roman times. It's on a hill and has good sound. People can hear whispers from far away. The theater is more than just a stage. It shows what Side was like in Roman times. 

Getting to Side Ancient Theater from downtown Side is simple and fun. You can walk along the road by the coast. It's pretty and has old walls and gates along the way. This walk lets you see modern life mixed with old stuff, which is what Side is all about. If you want a faster way, you can take a bus or taxi for a 5 to 10-minute ride to the theater. No matter how you go, visiting Side Ancient Theater is easy, bringing you closer to the ancient world step by step.

Ancient Port and Harbor Street

Side's old cobblestone streets used to be busy with traders and ships leaving. The docks and storage buildings that are still here show what life was like in the past. Side was important for trade because of where it was.

From the lively center of Side, walk to the old Ancient Port and Harbor Street for a trip back in time. It's best to walk to soak in the old city vibe. Begin at the main square, check out the old buildings and busy streets. Follow signs to the harbor through small streets with shops and cafes for a relaxed walk or a quick snack. Taxis are an option for a faster ride to the port. The journey from Side's center to the ancient port is a key part of the adventure, getting you ready for the historical sights ahead.

Vespasian Temple and Agora

Next to Side's Agora, the Vespasianus Temple shows faith and community. This part will tell the stories of these old places, showing how Agora was a busy place for people and money, and how the Vespasian Temple made it look special with its fancy design. You'll see how these places worked together to give people spaces to meet and show how important it was to gather in old cities.

To get to Agora and Vespasian Temple from Side's downtown, walk west. Signs will show you the way through old streets. You'll see shops and restaurants. You can also take a taxi from the main square for a quick trip to the temple. It's a fast way to see Side's history. Walk or take a taxi, both show you Agora and Vespasian Temple.

Apollo Temple

Side's Apollo Temple is a big old building from ancient Greek and Roman times near the Mediterranean Sea. It's important historically and looks awesome with its columns and old parts that show people's hard work back in the day. The temple is old but still standing strong, making you think about time passing and people being creative.

Getting to the Apollo Temple from the center of Side is a nice journey. You walk along the beach promenade, feeling the sea breeze. This takes you straight to the site. The walk gives you great views and lets you enjoy the landscape. If you don't want to walk, you can easily grab a local taxi and get to the temple in no time. This makes it easy to plan your visit, whether you want to see the sunrise or sunset by the temple.

Ancient Walls

The old walls on the side of the city are strong and tough. They separate the city from the sky. They were a way to keep the city safe and were a big deal when they were built.

Getting to the old walls of Side from the city center is an adventure that mixes a short walk with finding old places. Just start from the busy part of Side and walk east where you'll see the old walls standing quietly. The walk takes around 15 minutes and it's easy to follow. Signs on the streets help you know where to go and what you're looking at. If you want to get there faster, you can grab a taxi from the main square and be there in no time. Whether you walk or take a taxi, going from the city center to the old walls of Side lets you travel back in time and see these old buildings up close.

Side Museum

In the center of Side, the Side Museum shows things found by hard work digging, sharing stuff from the old people who lived there.

Getting to Side Museum from the center of Side is a nice experience. It's like walking through history. If you like walking, it's just a 20-minute walk. The path to the museum is pretty and teaches you things with ancient things and signs about the city's past. If you want to go faster, you can take a local taxi. They are easy to find in the city and can get you to the museum in under ten minutes, depending on traffic. Or, you can join a local tour that includes the museum. They talk about the place as you go. However you get there, going to Side Museum is a big part of your visit, getting you ready for the history stuff there.

Temples Road

The Temples Road, also known as the 'Avenue of the Pillars', goes through Side with many tall stones and old theaters and temples. This last part of our trip will show you the Temples Road experience, following the path that pilgrims and supporters used to walk with respect. 

Going from the center of Side's city to Temples Road is like going from old times to now. If you walk, it takes about 25 minutes from the city center to get to Temples Road. You go through busy streets and past old broken buildings, feeling Side's history with every step. Or you can take a taxi from the city center, which gets you to Temples Road in under 10 minutes, depending on traffic. If you want to learn more about the path you're walking, you can join a guided tour. Each choice gives you a different view of going from Side's city center to Temples Road, making the journey itself part of the fun.


Side Ancient Theater and its old buildings show the long history of this seaside place. People who like history, old stuff, and visitors enjoy Side because it's old but interesting for exploring and thinking about.

Visiting Side is not just about looking; it's about seeing how people long ago lived, understanding what they passed down, and liking the things they made from rocks. By learning about Side's old spots, readers start to really value how special this old city is. It might even make them want to go explore the historical places themselves.



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