Where and What to Eat in Side? Side's Best Restaurants

Where and What to Eat in Side? Side's Best Restaurants

Side, a beautiful town on Turkey's southern coast next to the Mediterranean Sea, is known for its old ruins, lovely beaches, and great food. The town offers many types of food, from traditional Turkish meals to fresh seafood, making it a great place for everyone to eat. A must-try is the local fish, cooked on the grill until just right, and served with a fresh salad with lemon and herbs. If you want to try Turkish food, go to a "meyhane" (a kind of bar) to try small dishes called mezes, which are good for sharing. Also, you should try baklava for dessert. It's a sweet pastry filled with honey and sprinkled with pistachio nuts on top.


Apollonik Bar is a nice place to taste delicious food and enjoy a good atmosphere, especially with a pretty view of the sunset. It's right by the water, close to old temples of Apollo and Athena, so it's near important history. When you go in, there's a real and special feeling waiting for you. Because you can see the peaceful sunset over the water and it's in a historic area, Apollonik Bar in Side is a top spot for a fun time.

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Another spot offering a unique sunset view in Side is Azumare. This place lets you enjoy tasty meals with wine in an authentic atmosphere right next to the sea. After parking your car, you'll have a 15-minute walk to get there. The best part is you can explore the ancient city of Side on your way to the restaurant. Special dishes to try at Azumare include beef taco and kokoreç in croissant. Their burgers are big and satisfying, and they're a hit with visitors. You can also try moules mariniere and lamb tandır with rice pilaf as other options. But if you want to sit by the sea and enjoy these dishes, don't forget to make a reservation.

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Elia Marina

Elia is a great place for those who want to have a calm dinner with its quiet atmosphere and enjoyable music. It's also a good choice for dining out with your family. Some of the favorites on the menu include grilled octopus, grilled squid, lamb shank, burgers, and salads. You can also enjoy the sea view while eating. For those looking for different tastes, trying the pizza or seafood options might be a good idea.

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Liman Restaurant Lounge Club

At Liman Restaurant, which is in the most romantic part of old Side, you can watch a beautiful sunset. This place is special not just because of where it is but also because it offers a dining experience you won't forget. It serves delicious food from the Mediterranean area and also from other parts of the world. You can find many different kinds of food here, like seafood, meat, vegetables, and starters. If you want to enjoy good food while watching the sunset and feeling the ancient vibe of Side, you should definitely go to Liman Restaurant.

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Alma Restaurant

Alma means 'soul' in Spanish. It's a place where you can enjoy food that shows the spirit of Side. The building and surroundings look like Crete and Antalya because Side used to be a village in Crete. You can see stones from Side and very old olive trees from Crete here. Inside, there are trees like olive, orange, lemon, banana, and a lot of plants.

Its symbol comes from a plant called 'orobanche sideana' that only grows in Side. They use a special smell from this plant everywhere in the place. This smell is also in room sprays, cologne, wet wipes, and hand soaps.

The Chef's table has an open fire and offers menus that change with the seasons. They use a special way to keep meats fresh for 40-50 days; they make unique dishes with vegetables that come from specific places (Tomatoes from Çanakkale, artichokes from Urla, grape leaves from Tokat, olive oil from Ayvalık) and fresh fish right from the sea. They use special ways to cook with gifts from the Mediterranean and Taurus mountains. Meats are cooked over an open fire with oak wood, and fish is cooked on a special wire from the Basque region in Spain.

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If you're looking for a place to eat in Side with a beautiful view of the sea, check out Zula. They offer a lot of choices, including different kinds of cocktails, seafood, snacks, and sweets. Their breakfast is really good and filling too. We definitely suggest trying the breakfast spread. Also, seeing the sunrise at Zula is an amazing thing to do!

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Karma Restaurant

Karma Restaurant is open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM for eating. After that, it changes into a club from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM. At the entrance, you can find out why it's called Karma, just look in a mirror! The place looks modern and fancy, and lots of tourists like to go there. It’s a good idea to book a table before you visit. The restaurant has room for 250 people, and the club can fit up to 1200 people. It's a popular spot, with reservations made every day.

Make sure you watch the sunset there. It's really one of the best spots for a nice dinner by the sea. The menu has a mix of modern Turkish food and dishes from around the world. They use very good quality ingredients from both local and international sources. You can choose from different cocktails, both new and traditional ones. You can see the kitchen from outside. They prepare meals over a wood fire and serve fresh fish from the sea every day for the main meals.

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Radika Meze & Balık

Radika Meze & Balık is a restaurant hidden in a garden, known for its seafood. It also serves grilled food, so you can enjoy two kinds of flavors there. The starters and appetizers taste really good too. Some popular appetizers are spicy mashed Girit, spicy mashed, atom, Alaçatı salad, and grilled octopus. If you're looking for a place to eat delicious food and listen to live music, Radika Meze & Fish is a great choice.

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In short, if you want to enjoy special seasonal tastes at a beach restaurant, or experience the lively vibe of a modern place that gets busy at night, Side has many different food options. Every restaurant in Side aims to give you a memorable meal. They use the best local and international ingredients to mix food and culture beautifully, with the lovely views Side is known for. Whether it's eating by the beach hearing the waves or being in a busy place at night, these settings make eating out special. Your trip to Side won't be complete without trying these amazing food places. Each meal is a celebration of local culture and worldwide tastes, taking you on a food journey you'll remember long after your trip.

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