What Is Antalya Known For?

What Is Antalya Known For?

Situated on the edge of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, Antalya is a city filled with history, nature, and lively Turkish traditions. Known as the "Pearl City" or "Turkish Riviera," it offers ancient sites, sunny beaches, and bustling markets. This guide is essential for anyone wanting to explore Antalya. It's a place for adventurers, history buffs, beach fans, and even golf enthusiasts to experience Turkey's rich history and stunning natural landscapes.

Beautiful Beaches

Antalya has many beautiful beaches for all kinds of beach lovers. Konyaalti Beach is one of the best-known ones. It has a large area of golden sand washed by the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. At this beach, you can enjoy sunbathing and try different water activities like jet skiing for excitement or snorkeling for a peaceful underwater experience.

If you're looking for peaceful beauty, Lara Beach is stunning. The beach has clear blue waters, showing how clean Antalya is. It's a great place for fun activities like parasailing. When you're up high, you'll see amazing views of the city and coastline.

kas kaputas beach

Antalya Museum

Visit the Antalya Museum for a journey through time. Explore artifacts and exhibits that bring the region's history to life. See Turkey's rich past through various pieces, like the statues from Zeus's altar in the Pisidian city of Termessos.

The Antalya Museum has many old objects from the Lycian and Pamphylian regions. You can see how different groups of people lived in this area long ago.

antalya museum


Antalya has more than just old buildings. It's a great place for people who love nature. The big Taurus Mountains are right behind the city. They don't just look amazing, they also offer lots of fun. If you like adventures, you can go trekking in the mountains or even ski in the winter.

Duden Waterfalls are a must-see natural wonder. The Upper Duden Falls drop 40 meters into the Mediterranean Sea. Lower Duden Falls provide a peaceful scene as the water flows gently over the cliffs in a layered cascade.

The Manavgat River is calm and beautiful, perfect for a peaceful boat ride. It travels through quiet countryside to the sea. The river is famous for its waters and pretty surroundings.



Golfing Paradise

Golf fans, listen up! Belek is a top golf spot near Antalya. It has awesome golf courses, with views of the beautiful Mediterranean coast and lighthouses. Add in great weather most of the year - it's a dream for golfers.

Golfing in Antalya isn't just about the courses. It's also about the fancy resorts and lots of fun things to do. When you finish playing golf, you can relax with a massage at the spa or have a nice meal at one of the good restaurants there. 

Read our blog post to guide you about golfing in Belek.


Historical Sites

Antalya is like a living history book, full of stories from ancient times when big empires were in charge. When you walk through Hadrian's Gate in the Kaleiçi area, you're greeted by a huge arch built to honor a Roman emperor named Hadrian. This old gate has been kept in good condition for a long time, standing at the entrance to the old city with a mix of Roman, Greek, and Turkish styles of architecture.

In Antalya, one standout ancient site is the impressive Aspendos Theater. This well-preserved amphitheater, built by the Romans, can accommodate 15,000 people. Today, it's used for concerts and events, keeping the vibe of ancient times alive.

hadrian's gate antalya

Antalya Film Festival

The Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is a big cultural event that brings filmmakers, actors, and movie fans from all over the world. It has been happening for more than 50 years. The festival celebrates Turkish movies and gives a chance to show off the country's growing film business.

The festival has movies to watch, awards to give out, and a chance to experience Antalya's lively culture. It's a big deal for the city because it shows how it's a busy place for art and fun.


Discovering Antalya isn't finished without experiencing its lively shopping spots. There are various shopping areas in the city. From busy markets like Kaleiçi Bazaar to modern malls with lots of international and Turkish brands to choose from.

The Kaleiçi Bazaar is a great place to visit. Its narrow, twisty streets are full of spicy smells and colorful fruits and veggies. You can bargain for souvenirs, leather stuff, and handmade rugs here. It's a fun part of Turkish culture where you can negotiate prices.


Antalya is a city with a mix of old and new, blending ancient history with stunning coastal views. Whether you enjoy history, nature, or modern attractions, Antalya has something for everyone. This guide gives you a peek into the diverse experiences this Turkish city offers. It's an open invitation to explore the Turkish Riviera and uncover the many treasures waiting for you on Antalya's beautiful shores.

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