What's Antalya Like?

What's Antalya Like?

Known for its beautiful blue skies, clear blue coast, and friendly people, Antalya is a special place in Turkey. It's been a favorite spot for curious travelers for a long time. Situated by the Mediterranean Sea, this city is a mix of history, nature, and modern comforts. In this detailed guide, we'll show you around Antalya - its sights, sounds, and the amazing things you can experience there. It's not just a place to visit; it's a fascinating adventure waiting for you.

Antalya has a long history that goes way back to ancient times. The city has been important for different empires, architects, and artists. You can still see parts of those old times in the streets and walls, mixing in with the modern city.

antalya ruins of an ancient city

History and Culture

The city's history is like a mix of different time periods - Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. There's this arch called Hadrian's Gate, a big old arch made for a Roman Emperor named Hadrian. It still stands tall in Antalya. Learn all about the Hadrian's Gate. Then, there's this huge tower called Yivli Minaret, showing off Seljuk style with cool geometric designs.

If you go past these famous spots, you'll find more stuff in Antalya’s old town, Kaleiçi. There are secret gardens, old Ottoman houses, and the Antalya Museum with lots of ancient stuff to see. The museum has tons of things from the area’s past.



Cultural Attractions and Traditions

Antalya is a place rich in culture, history, and fun. The city embraces its traditions, hosting events like the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival in one of the best-preserved Roman theaters globally. The International Antalya Film Festival is also a big deal, blending modern movies with the classic vibes of the Mediterranean.

Throughout the year, local festivals fill the calendar with music, dance, and tasty local food. The festive atmosphere is contagious, inviting both visitors and locals to join in the fun and enjoy the region's friendly spirit.

Natural Beauty

Antalya is a beautiful place where mountains touch the sea, creating an amazing sight. The area's landscape is great for adventurous people, offering something for everyone who loves nature.

Waterfalls and Natural Landmarks

Past the waves, the lands beyond Antalya hold many natural wonders. The Düden Waterfalls flow close to the city, offering a cool spot to relax. The Kurşunlu Waterfalls have beautiful terraces, perfect for a peaceful escape. If you seek adventure in nature, the Taurus Mountains are ideal for hiking, canyoneering, and rafting in rough waters.

Beaches and Coastline

Antalya's beaches are famous for a good reason. The sunny sands and gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea make it a perfect place to relax. You can visit popular beaches like Lara and Konyaaltı or quieter spots like Phaselis and Patara, each with its own charm. For those feeling adventurous, you can sail on the turquoise waters or explore underwater with top-notch scuba diving and snorkeling.

kaş antalya beach

Activities and Attractions

The plentiful land of Antalya is full of exciting things to explore and experience.

Outdoor Adventures

Antalya has lots of sun, making it great for outdoor fun all year. In winter, you can ski at Saklikent. In summer, there are hiking and biking trails to explore. Tahtalı Mountain has one of the highest spots for paragliding in the world, giving thrill-seekers amazing views. Golf is big here too, with tough courses and awesome views that attract fans worldwide. If you prefer a mix of activities, try horseback riding on the golden beaches or through the green landscapes for a scenic adventure.

Historical Sites

Explorers have many choices to travel back in time. You can visit the old city of Perge, which has a well-preserved stadium and Greek baths. Another place not to miss is the magical sanctuary of Termessos, located in the mountains. If you're feeling adventurous, you can stroll through the streets of Xanthos, a city rich in Lycian history, or climb the stairs to see the never-ending fires at the Chimera. Read our blog post about the eternal flames of Chimera.

Family-Friendly Activities

Antalya has lots of fun stuff for both kids and adults. Aqualand Antalya has big water slides and splash areas. The Antalya Aquarium shows amazing underwater scenes, including the longest tunnel aquarium in the world.

Families can explore historic places and go on a boat trip to see the region from the sea.




Exploring a new city means finding out what they eat. In Antalya, they mix up flavors from the land and the sea to make lots of different dishes.

Local Dishes

In Antalya, meals are simple and sustainable. They get fresh fish daily from markets, which is the main attraction at seaside restaurants. Mezzes, like Turkish appetizers, have lots of local veggies, herbs, and cheeses. They serve them with freshly baked pide and simit, a round bread with sesame seeds.

Antalya is known for using pomegranates, called "nar" locally, in many dishes from salads to kebabs. This is because Antalya is a big pomegranate-growing area. They also have famous oranges from the fertile lands nearby, adding a hint of citrus sweetness to your food adventures.

Dining Options

In Antalya, you can find a variety of places to eat. There are lively marketplaces offering delicious street food and fancy restaurants with views of the harbor. The restaurants in Kaleiçi are cozy and romantic, serving local dishes. The resorts serve a mix of international and local food, creating unique dining experiences. 

Accommodation and Travel Tips

When you start feeling less interested in the sea and prefer the land, you may start looking for the best place to relax. Antalya has different types of places to stay that suit all kinds of travelers, from fancy hotels to comfortable guesthouses.

Accommodation Options

The old part of the city has small, charming hotels that show the city's history. They have high arched ceilings and pretty inner yards, making a great stay for people who like old stuff. If you like modern comforts instead, there are fancy five-star hotels by the sea. They offer luxury services with the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Transportation and Travel

Antalya's airport is like a door to the city, letting you go to nearby and faraway places. Getting around the city is easy and doesn't cost much. But if you want to move around more freely, you can rent a car, which is handy. Knowing the city well is super helpful, so feel free to talk to the friendly locals to get advice and suggestions. Read our blog post and learn how to get around the Antalya city.

Antalya is a city with ancient ruins and beautiful Mediterranean views. It's not just a place to visit; it's an adventure. The blue skies and colorful sunsets make it perfect for making memories. You can discover history in old passages or try something new from the mountains. Antalya welcomes you warmly.

Enjoy the local food, smell the orange blossoms, and join in the festivals. Go off the usual path to find the real Antalya. Visiting this coastal town means slowing down, enjoying the moment, and finding joy in simple things. When you feel like traveling again, Antalya will call you back. It's a place you'll always remember. Each visit adds a new chapter to the story of this amazing city by the sea.

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