Things To Do with Children in Belek

Things To Do with Children in Belek

Belek is a great place for families. It has beautiful beaches, green scenery, and fancy hotels. Families can make special memories there with their kids. Belek has exciting theme parks, water fun, and interesting cultural trips for children of all ages. Whether your family likes nature or fun learning, you can find it in Belek. Let's discover fun and kid-friendly things to do in this lovely part of Turkey.

Pirate Boat Tour

Antalya, Belek is by the coast, so going on a boat trip is a great idea. Instead of a regular boat trip, consider a pirate-themed one for your kids. They'll have a blast on this specially designed boat. The boat is all pirate-themed, which kids will love right from the start. The deck has comfy loungers for you to chill and enjoy the peaceful views. The professional crew will keep your kids entertained with games and activities. The trip includes stops for swimming, exploring caves, and sunbathing. Remember to bring your swim gear. If your kids enjoy boat rides, the pirate boat trip is perfect. You can relax while they have a great time. It's a fun trip for everyone.

Pirate Boat Tour

Green Canyon Boat Trip

The Green Canyon, also called Oymapinar Dam, is a must-see spot in Belek. It's the 5th largest dam in the country, making it a big attraction. The place is nicely built, and you can take a boat ride on the lake to enjoy amazing views.

A boat trip is a great family activity to relax away from the busy Belek town. Kids will love the beautiful scenery. You'll hear birds singing, adding to the experience.

During the tour, you'll stop at a lakeside restaurant to have a tasty local meal while enjoying the views. There are other activities to try if you're interested. Lakeside activities are perfect for connecting with loved ones.

If you prefer a peaceful vibe with your family, this trip is ideal. Book it early as it's a top choice for families in Belek.



Swimming with Dolphins

Do your kids love animals and want to learn more about them? If so, consider taking them on a dolphin swim trip in Belek. This trip lets you get close to the dolphins and see how smart and beautiful they are.

As a parent, you might worry if it's safe for your kids. But don't stress - there are experts around to guide you and your kids on swimming with the dolphins. This will boost your confidence.

Remember, it's not just a fun trip; you'll also learn important stuff about dolphins. They're much-loved and super smart creatures. Understanding them gives you a peek into their world.

If your children are into marine life, surprise them with this dolphin swim. They'll be thrilled and probably want to do it again!

a woman Swimming with Dolphin

Land of Legends Tour

The Land of Legends is a top theme park in Belek, perfect for the whole family to have fun together. It's a favorite activity for kids in Belek, offering excitement and adventures all in one place. The park has fun things for kids, teens, and all.

Most families start at the waterpark and then explore the various rides and activities available. You'll find lots of water slides, roller coasters, swings, and other fun stuff for an adventurous day. Don't miss the exhibitions and shows happening there.

There's also an Ice Museum where you can chill out in the snow to beat the summer heat. When you're hungry, head to the restaurants and cafes for a meal.

If your kids enjoy theme parks, don't miss the Land of Legends in Belek, Turkey. It's like Turkey's version of Disneyland and a hit with families visiting the area. You can read our blog post about everything you need to know about Land of Legends here.



Tunnel Aquarium Tour

Imagine walking through a tunnel aquarium surrounded by fish on all sides. Look right, left, or up, and you'll see different sea creatures having a great time. It's like strolling through the ocean without getting wet. This tour offers a unique experience you won't find elsewhere. It's one of the world's biggest aquariums where you can explore all day and still find new things. You'll see fish in their natural habitat and learn about them too. Visiting places like this should be meaningful. For an amazing aquarium tour, choose the Antalya, Belek Tunnel Aquarium. The beauty of this place will leave you amazed. Educational activities are also available to keep kids interested. Book this tour for a fantastic day out with your children.

an aquarium

Waterhill Waterpark

The Waterhill Waterpark, previously called Aqualand, is a great waterpark in Belek that's perfect for a fun day out. It has water slides, rides, pools, and more to help you stay cool in the heat. It's a popular spot for families with kids during the summer.

You can also try activities like river rides, rafting, and pirate ship adventures for endless fun. If you feel like chilling out, you can relax in a pool and take it easy while keeping an eye on your kids.

There's a nice café serving tasty food where you can have a delicious meal and ice cream for dessert. You'll definitely get hungry after all the swimming.

If you enjoy waterparks, visiting the Waterhill Waterpark in Belek is a must for you and your family. You'll have a blast splashing around and trying out the awesome slides and rides. It's a great way to make your Belek trip even more memorable.

two kids at a Waterpark

Family Buggy Tour

The family buggy tour in Belek is a great activity for families. The buggy can fit the whole family, so you can ride with your kids through the Taurus Mountains. It's a fun way for kids to experience adventure. The mountains have many trails to explore, giving you a boost of energy and excitement. Kids love this trip because they can relax in the buggy while enjoying the ride.

You'll see pine forests, greenery, and rough terrain, making the experience even better. Before the adventure, there will be a safety briefing to make you feel confident. Book the family buggy tour and enjoy a thrilling ride through the Taurus Mountains with your children. They will want to do it again.


Belek has lots of fun things for families. You can have adventures, relax, and have fun there. You can cool off at Waterhill Waterpark or go on a family buggy tour in the Taurus Mountains. Belek has something for everyone. These activities are great for spending time with your family and making memories. Don't forget to do these things to have a great time in Belek.

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