How is Dubai in June 2024?

How is Dubai in June 2024?

Home to glorious beaches, luxury shopping outlets, architectural wonders, and a stunning skyline, Dubai is a must-visit destination in the Middle East. The city, which has grown immensely over the years, is filled with amazing attractions and unique experiences for visitors to indulge in. From the towering Burj Khalifa to the sprawling Dubai Mall, there is something for everyone. One can visit Dubai throughout the year, but if you wish to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere, June is a good time to plan your trip. The weather is warm, but there are plenty of indoor activities and air-conditioned spaces to keep you comfortable. Read on to know more about the amazing things to do in Dubai in June, from exploring cultural landmarks to enjoying water parks and desert adventures!

Is June a Good Time to Visit Dubai?

June is a good time to visit Dubai as you do not have to worry about the crowds and you get amazing discounts on the attractions. With fewer tourists around, you can explore the city at a more relaxed pace and take advantage of special offers at hotels and restaurants. There are many indoor activities that you can enjoy during this time to escape the heat, such as visiting the Dubai Mall, exploring the Dubai Aquarium, or taking a leisurely stroll through the indoor gardens at the Miracle Garden. Additionally, the city hosts various cultural events and entertainment options that make your stay even more enjoyable.

Why You Should Visit Dubai in June

  • Low airfare and accommodation prices
  • Discounts of attraction and activity tickets
  • Good time to visit indoor attractions in Dubai
  • Empty streets and attractions for you to explore
  • Fewer tourists and crowds at the attractions.

    The Weather in Dubai in June

    June is a hot month in Dubai. The temperature can reach up to 38°C. Since Dubai is in a desert, there is no rainfall in June. Expect high humidity and about 10-12 hours of sunlight each day.

    The average high temperature is 38°C, and the average low is 26°C. Rainfall is less than 1mm. The daily wind speed is around 7 mph, which is a light breeze. The sea temperature is 31°C.

    More About Weather in Dubai in June 

    How hot is Dubai in June?

    Dubai is very hot in June with high temperatures averaging 38°C and low temperatures around 26°C.

    Can You Swim at Beaches in Dubai in June?

    Yes, you can swim at many beaches in Dubai in June. The water is about 31°C, which is nice and cool for swimming and a great way to beat the heat.

    Does it rain in Dubai in June?

    It rarely rains in Dubai in June, so you can expect clear, sunny skies all month.

    Is Dubai Windy in June?

    There is a light breeze in Dubai in June with average wind speeds of 7 mph, so it is not very windy.

    Best Things to do in Dubai in June

    Burj Khalifa

    Visiting Burj Khalifa is a top activity in Dubai in June. As the tallest building in the world, it offers an unparalleled view of the city. Plan your visit during sunrise to avoid the heat and enjoy cool morning temperatures. You can also dine on the 122nd floor at Atmosphere, where you’ll have a special experience with gourmet dishes and breathtaking views of the cityscape.

    Desert Safari

    An evening Desert Safari is a must-do in Dubai in June. The daytime heat can be intense, so it's best to go at night when temperatures are cooler. This thrilling adventure includes dune bashing in a 4x4 vehicle, camel riding, and sandboarding. You can camp under the stars, watch traditional belly dance and Tanoura shows, and savor authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in a Bedouin-style setting.



    Dhow Cruise

    A Dhow Cruise around Dubai Creek is a great activity in June. These traditional wooden boats offer a unique way to see the city’s skyline and landmarks. During the cruise, you’ll be treated to a sumptuous dinner featuring both local and international dishes, accompanied by live entertainment such as traditional music and dance performances. Fewer tourists in June mean you can enjoy a more private and relaxed experience.



    Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

    Visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo to see thousands of sea animals, including sharks, stingrays, and other exotic marine life. Located in the Dubai Mall, this attraction features a massive tank that you can walk through, offering a 270-degree view of the underwater world. You can also participate in activities like swimming or diving with sharks, making it an exciting adventure for both kids and adults.

    Wild Wadi Waterpark

    Wild Wadi Waterpark is perfect for escaping the summer heat. Situated next to the iconic Burj Al Arab, it offers a variety of rides and attractions for all ages. From adrenaline-pumping slides like the Jumeirah Sceirah to relaxing wave pools and lazy rivers, there's something for everyone. The park also has dining options and shaded areas where families can relax and recharge.

    Ski Dubai

    Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort that offers a winter wonderland experience in the middle of the desert. The facility features snow-covered slopes for skiing and snowboarding, as well as a snow park with activities like bobsledding and exploring an ice cave. You can even meet and interact with penguins, making it a fun and unique way to spend the day in June.



    Dubai in June is a lively place with a mix of modern and traditional sights. You can enjoy stunning views and luxury at Dubai Creek, have fun at Wild Wadi Waterpark, or visit the snowy Ski Dubai. There's plenty to do to stay entertained. Whether you're a tourist or a resident, there's something for everyone. Read our blog post to find out more about what's happening in Dubai in June 2024.

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