Ancient Ruins in Kemer

Ancient Ruins in Kemer

The old buildings in Kemer, Turkey, show how the place used to be long ago. They are really old and have stories to tell. They are in a forest and near big mountains. People long ago used to live in these buildings. When you visit, it feels like going back in time. You can see old theaters and buildings that hold secrets of the past.

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City is one of the most important historical monuments of Kemer. Phaselis B.C. VII. It was founded by the people of Rhodes in the century. The city, which has been the most important port of the eastern coast of Lycia for many years, has three ports. North Port, Battle Port or Protected Port, and South Port. The most important of these is the South Port. There is a magnificent street 20-24 meters wide in the middle of the city. At the southern end of this street is Hadrian's Gate. There are promenades and shops on both sides of the street. Nearby there are public buildings such as Baths, Agora and Theatre.

How to Get to Phaselis Ancient City?

Phaselis Ancient City is a 20-minute drive from Kemer city center. Apart from boat tours, you can also go by private car or take public transportation to the entrance of the ancient city and reach Phaselis City with a 30-minute walk. There is parking at the entrance and entrance fees are paid.


Chimera (Yanartas)

Chimera (Yanartas) is a fascinating natural wonder in Kemer, Turkey. It has flames that never stop burning for a long time. Yanartas means "burning stone" in Turkish. It's connected to myths and stories, like the Chimera monster from Greek stories. Lots of people visit this place because it's unique and magical, especially at night. Read this to learn more about Chimera..


How to Get to Yanartas?

Yanartas is 1 hour away from Kemer and it is possible to reach the entrance by car. You can reach Yanartas with about a 30-40 minute climb from the stairs you encounter at the entrance. Entrance to the ruins is paid.


Yoruk Park

When you visit Kemer on your holiday, don't miss out on trying the local food and experiencing nomad life. Local women are friendly and make delicious meals. In the Yoruk tent, make sure to try gozleme and ayran.


How to Get to Yoruk Park?

Yoruk Park is a 10-minute walk from Kemer city center and can also be reached by car. Entrance to the park is paid.


Seljuk Hunting Lodge

The Seljuk Hunting Lodge is in the forest near the Kemer 1 entrance of the Antalya - Kumluca highway. It was built between 1230 and 1248. It's one of three hunting lodges from that time. This lodge is the only Seljuk building in the area and the only example of Turkish-Islamic art there.


How to Get to Seljuk Hunting Lodge?

It is possible to reach by car and it is 10 minutes away from Kemer. Entrance to the Seljuk Hunting Lodge is free.


Idyros Ancient City

Studies are ongoing about the Ancient City of Idyros. Its remains were found during an excavation by the Antalya Museum in Kemer, near Ayisigi Bay in 1976-1977. They uncovered Byzantine wall remains, three doorframes, a wall that looks like an apse, and church ruins. The church floor has mosaic decorations in orange, brick red, white, and gray stones with geometric patterns and heart-shaped plant borders.


How to Get to Idyros Ancient City?

Idyros Ancient City is a 10-minute walk from Kemer city center. It is possible to reach by car and entrance is free.


Gedelme Castle

12 kilometers away from Kemer is an old castle from the Byzantine Middle Ages. It was built around the 9th century and is well-preserved. The castle, known as "Grain Phrygmos," was made for storing and protecting grains. It serves as a warehouse-fortress for the region. There's a cave nearby that's worth checking out. Also, there's a really old plane tree by the castle, believed to be 2500 years old.


How to Get to Gedelme Castle?

You can reach Gedelme after a 1-hour drive from Kemer city center. Entrance to the ruins is free.


Tahtali Mountain

Tahtali Mountain, located in Beydaglari National Park, is a mountain located on the Kemer coastline and is the highest point of the region close to the sea with an altitude of 2365 meters. Olympos Cable Car, the second longest cable car in the world and the longest cable car in Europe, connects the Mediterranean and the summit of Tahtali Mountain, which is 2365 meters high.

For those who love nature sports, there are mountain hiking routes from the summit of Tahtali Mountain to Beycik Village in approximately four hours and to Cukuryayla in approximately six hours. These tracks offer great opportunities for those who do hiking and mountain biking.


How to Get to Tahtali Mountain?

You can ride a cable car up Tahtali Mountain to see the great view. It takes 30 minutes by car from the city center to get to the cable car start. Then, a 15-minute ride takes you to the top. You need to pay to go up in the cable car.

The last hours to come down from the top are 7:00 pm in summer and 5:00 pm in winter. Shuttles go from the main road to the place where you get on every hour. No set times for groups, they can go up or down whenever they want without waiting, but they have to pay for the cable car ride.


Olympos Cable Car Working Hours

Between 01 May and 31 October; Every half hour during full and half hours between 09:00 and 19:00 in the summer season,

Between 01 November and 30 April; In the winter season, it is possible to enter and exit every hour between 10:00 and 17:00.


Beldibi Cave

Beldibi Cave is found 40 kilometers away on the Antalya - Kemer road, right after the Camdag tunnel. It's a six-story shelter situated 25 meters above the sea. This cave is the second significant ancient site in Antalya. It's always open to tourists, both local and foreign, as an archaeological protected area.

Beldibi Cave is a beautiful place to visit. It has old stuff from way back. The cave inside is messed up now because of nature. Rain and wind messed up the layers inside. They found old tools like flint from a long time ago. There are drawings of people, goats, and deer on the walls.

The cave entrance is free.


In the end, the old stuff in Kemer show how people used to live long ago. You can see big theaters and pretty temples there. It's like taking a trip back in time. These old things tell us about how clever and strong people were in the past. Going to Kemer is not just about looking at old buildings; it's about feeling what life was like back then and imagining all the busy activity that happened in those old places.

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