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Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Category: Boat
Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Location: Dubai Where is the Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour? Answer: Dubai
Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Duration: 2 hours How long will it take Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour? Answer: 2 hours
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Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Summary

Dubai BBQ Donut Boat is perfect for couples, families, and friends. Book with us now and enjoy a fun donut boat tour.

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Highlights

Experience the novelty of combining sailing and barbecuing on a BBQ boat
Whether with your partner, family, or friends, imagine enjoying delicious grilled meat
Sail through the unique and picturesque Dubai Creek, offering stunning views
Complete BBQ Package including a charcoal grill and various package options
Stay comfortable under the partial canopy provided on the BBQ boat
a day out with friends, or a romantic outing, boating with a BBQ is suitable for everyone

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Inclusions & Exclusions

Boating with BBQ Donut Boat
2 Hours Sailing Through a Unique Location
Including a Full BBQ Package
With Canopy
Life Jackets
Electric cooling box
JBL Charge 5 Music Box
Pickup and Drop-off

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Tour Program

  • Boarding:
    Arrive at the designated boarding location near Al Jaddaf. Receive a warm welcome from the crew and enjoy a red-carpet boarding experience onto the luxury BBQ boat.
  • Setting Sail:
    Once all guests are comfortably settled onboard, the BBQ boat sets sail from Dubai Marina. Experience the gentle sway of the boat as you embark on a leisurely cruise along the scenic Dubai Creek.
  • BBQ Preparation:
    As the boat glides through the water, the crew will prepare the BBQ grill for the upcoming culinary experience. Choose from a selection of BBQ packages, including standard, deluxe, or halal options, to cater to your preferences.
  • Barbecue Session:
    Indulge in a delightful barbecue session as the charcoal grill sizzles with an array of meats, seafood, and vegetarian options. Enjoy the aroma of freshly grilled dishes as you mingle with fellow guests and soak in the tranquil ambiance of the creek.
  • Scenic Views:
    Take in panoramic views of Dubai's skyline and iconic landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall from the comfort of the boat's deck. Capture stunning photographs against the backdrop of the city's glittering skyline.
  • Leisure Time:
    Relax in the dinette area or lounge on deck as the boat continues its journey along the creek. Engage in conversations with friends and family or simply bask in the serene atmosphere of the waterway.
  • Refreshments:
    Stay hydrated with complimentary fresh juices, soft drinks, and water available throughout the cruise. Relish in the flavors of your barbecue feast paired with refreshing beverages.
  • Return Journey:
    As the tour draws to a close, the BBQ boat makes its way back to the boarding location. Bid farewell to the crew and disembark from the boat, concluding your memorable BBQ boat experience.

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Tour Details

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour

The BBQ boat offers a unique blend of sailing and barbecuing, combining two beloved activities into one delightful experience. Picture yourself with loved ones, enjoying cold drinks and delicious grilled meats while cruising along Dubai Creek. Boating with a BBQ is universally appealing, and opting for one of BBQ-Dubai's boats brings several advantages. You'll sail through the picturesque Dubai Creek, enjoying stunning views. Guests can barbecue at their own pace with a complete BBQ package provided, including a charcoal grill on board. Various package options cater to different preferences, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Accessibility is critical, and our BBQ boat is conveniently located near Al Jaddaf, providing easy access for all.

Additionally, the boat features a partial canopy, offering sun protection and shelter from brief rain showers. Suitable for everyone, from families to couples seeking a romantic outing, a BBQ boat excursion promises a delightful day on the water. Booking is easy, with all necessary amenities included, ensuring a fantastic time for all guests.

Tour Location: Dubai Creek Harbour.

Duration: 2 Hours.

How to get There:- 

  • By Bus: You can reach Dubai Creek Harbour by bus. Several bus routes serve the area, providing convenient transportation options for visitors. Check the local bus schedules and routes to find the most suitable option for your journey.
  • By Car: Car travel is another convenient way to reach Dubai Creek Harbour. The area is easily accessible by road, with well-maintained highways and roads leading to the destination. Use a GPS navigation system or follow the directional signs to reach your destination.
  • By Metro: Dubai Creek Harbour is accessible by metro, offering a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for visitors. The nearest metro station to Dubai Creek Harbour is Creek Metro Station, where you can walk to your destination. Check the metro schedules and routes for the most up-to-date information on train timings and station locations.

Dubai BBQ Private Donut Boat Tour Important Notes

  • A passport or Emirates ID is mandatory to be produced at the Entrance for Identification purposes.
  • All passengers must wear life jackets and remain seated for the entire trip.
  • Pregnant women, Heart Patients or people suffering from backache are strictly not recommended for the Tour.
  • Alcoholic beverage not allowed on the boat.
  • Pets not allowed.
  • The boat has a maximum capacity of 10 guests (either adults or children).
  • The service provider holds no responsibility if any component of an attraction is non-operational due to technical reasons.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult through out the tour.
  • All passengers should arrive at the Operation Location no less than 15 minutes prior to the trip time.
  • If trips are rescheduled, a new date must be decided within 60 days from the original booking date.
  • The last trip starts at 11:30 PM. 
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