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Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Category: Water
Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Location: Dubai Where is the Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba? Answer: Dubai
Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Duration: 1 hour How long will it take Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba? Answer: 1 hour
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Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Summary

Discover the thrill of diving at Deep Dive Dubai. Let our expert instructors guide you through your first dive in a safe and controlled environment. Dive into an underwater world filled with marine wonders and make memories that last a lifetime.

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Highlights

Perfect platform for beginners to start their diving journey
Experienced instructors ensure safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable first dives
Freshwater setting offers a secure and controlled environment
Explore a unique underwater realm with fascinating marine life
Skilled, knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable instructors

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Inclusions & Exclusions

A short briefing on the basics of scuba diving
An introduction to the equipment
Safety training session by a professional instructor
Any additional expenses, meals, and personal items are not included.
Pickup and Drop-off

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Tour Program

  • Arrival:
    Arrive at Deep Dive Dubai and check-in at the facility.
  • Introduction:
    Welcome briefing and overview of the day's activities. Meet your experienced diving instructors and fellow participants.
  • Theory Session:
    Learn the basics of diving, including safety procedures and equipment usage. Get acquainted with the underwater environment and diving techniques.
  • Practical Skills Training:
    Practice essential diving skills in a controlled pool environment. Gain confidence in underwater navigation, buoyancy control, and equipment operation.
  • Open Water Dive:
    Transfer to the diving site at Deep Dive Dubai. Gear up and prepare for your first open-water dive under the guidance of your instructors.
  • Dive Experience:
    Descend into the crystal-clear waters of Deep Dive Dubai. Explore the mesmerizing underwater realm, observing marine life and unique features.
  • Certificate Presentation:
    Receive a certificate of completion for your first dive experience.
  • Departure:
    Bid farewell to your instructors and fellow divers. Depart from Deep Dive Dubai with unforgettable memories of your diving adventure.

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Tour Details

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba

At Deep Dive Dubai, we provide the perfect opportunity for beginners to explore the underwater world in a safe and controlled environment. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every step of your diving journey, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking to tick off a dive from your bucket list or obtain a diver certification, our freshwater setting offers an ideal learning environment. Discover mesmerizing marine life and breathtaking sights as you embark on your first dive with us. With friendly and knowledgeable instructors catering to your individual needs, you can trust that your diving experience will be unforgettable. Contact us today to begin your exciting underwater adventure!

Location: Deep Dive Dubai, Near to NAS Sports Complex Dubai.

Duration: 1 hour.

How to Get There:-  

By Bus: 63E is the bus number that'll drop you at Deep Dive, Nas Sports Complex.

By Metro: The nearest metro station to get to Deep Dive Dubai is Al Khail Metro Station. From the station, you may take a cab.

By Cab: You can drive yourself or use cab services to get to Deep Dive Dubai, Nas Sports Complex.

Dubai Deep Dive Snorkeling or Scuba Important Notes

  • A valid ID needs to be provided upon check-in.
  • For all the experiences, it is a pre-requisite to be a confident swimmer
  • It is recommended to avoid all alcohol or non-prescription drugs at least 24 hours before diving
  • It is mandatory to complete the Deep Dive Dubai liability release and medical form. Medical Liability form: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/60e485f90128a/web
  • If any person has medical issues, please provide approval from a doctor before the diving activity
  • Liability form (for snorkeling experience): https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/60ca3fff38993/web
  • Please arrive at least 15 min before the start of your experience
  • We do recommend persons over 50 get a doctor’s approval
  • Anyone less than 18 years of age, should be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian on the day of the dive.
  • Outside equipment is not allowed in Deep Dive Dubai
  • The permitted items include a mask, breathing regulator, gauges (computer or watch), fins and cameras. 
  • The items that are forbidden include diving cylinders, buoyancy compensators (BCs), wet/dry suits, and diving booties.
  • After any dive, it is recommended to wait 18-24 hours before ascending higher than 300 meters/1000 feet
  • Deep Dive Dubai booking is valid as per the booked date and time only
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