Dubai Tandem Skydiving - Tripventura
Dubai Tandem Skydiving - Tripventura
Dubai Tandem Skydiving - Tripventura
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Dubai Tandem Skydiving Category: Adventure
Dubai Tandem Skydiving Location: Dubai Where is the Dubai Tandem Skydiving? Answer: Dubai
Dubai Tandem Skydiving Duration: 1 hour How long will it take Dubai Tandem Skydiving? Answer: 1 hour
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Dubai Tandem Skydiving

Dubai Tandem Skydiving

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Summary

Get your heart racing with an exhilarating skydiving adventure in Dubai. The views, the adrenaline, and the memories will leave you speechless. Book Now

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Highlights

Amazing Views

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Inclusions & Exclusions

Tandem skydiving
Free-fall for 60 seconds at 400km/h.
Trained instructor
Pictures and videos
Transportation (Optional)

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Tour Program

  • Duration
    Approximately 3-4 hours, depending on group size and weather conditions.
  • Preparation and Arrival
    Arrive at the designated skydiving center, where you'll be greeted by a team of experienced and certified instructors.Begin your adventure with a safety briefing, where you'll learn about the equipment, procedures, and safety protocols.
  • Gear Up
    After the briefing, you'll be fitted with the necessary skydiving gear, including a jumpsuit, harness, and a tandem parachute system.
  • Meet Your Instructor
    You'll be introduced to your tandem instructor, a highly trained professional who will guide you through the entire skydiving experience.
  • Scenic Flight
    Board the aircraft for a breathtaking scenic flight that takes you high above Dubai's famous landmarks. Enjoy the stunning views of Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Gulf, and the city skyline.
  • The Jump
    When you've reached the ideal altitude, it's time for the jump. Securely harnessed to your instructor, you'll take the leap from the aircraft for an unforgettable freefall experience.
  • The Freefall
    During the 60-second freefall, you'll reach speeds of up to 120 miles per hour (193 kilometers per hour). Feel the rush of the wind and the incredible sensation of freefalling through the sky.
  • Parachute Deployment
    At the appropriate altitude, your instructor will deploy the parachute, slowing your descent and allowing you to take in the scenic beauty of Dubai from a unique vantage point.
  • Canopy Ride
    Enjoy a leisurely canopy ride that lasts for several minutes. Take in the panoramic views of the city, the sea, and the landscape while gently gliding back to the drop zone.
  • Landing
    Your tandem instructor will skillfully guide the parachute for a soft and safe landing back at the skydiving center.
  • Certificate and Celebration
    Upon landing, receive a skydiving certificate to commemorate your adventure. Celebrate your accomplishment with your instructor and fellow thrill-seekers.
  • Departure
    After a thrilling skydiving experience, you're free to depart the drop zone with unforgettable memories and a sense of achievement.

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Tour Details

Skydiving in Dubai:

Are you prepared to take off on a breath-taking, heart-pounding adventure? The thrilling Dubai skydiving experience is the only option. Daredevils looking for a fantastic adventure with Dubai's famed skyline as their gorgeous backdrop will love this heart-pounding activity.

Tandem Skydive:

As you leap from a stunning height of 4,000 meters, get ready to soar like a bird. Feel the wind blow across your face as you fall in freefall for 60 seconds at up to 200 km/h. Being safely attached to a highly skilled instructor who will lead you through every step of this fantastic ride makes the experience even more unique.

Capturing the Moment:

Take excellent pictures and videos of your Dubai skydive to preserve the thrilling experience and remind yourself of your courageous feat. Feel like you're flying through the air whenever you choose, and share your loved ones ‘ journey.

Safety First:

Rest assured that your safety is of paramount importance throughout this adventure. Our expertly trained instructors are committed to providing top-notch safety measures, ensuring you can enjoy the experience without any worries.

Your Skydiving Dreams Come True:

Imagine the rush of wind against your face, the incredible views of Dubai's skyline spread beneath you, and the indescribable thrill of free-falling from the sky. Skydiving in Dubai is not just an adventure – it's a dream come true for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush. Whether you're an experienced skydiver or a first-timer, this experience will remain in your memory forever.

Don't miss the chance to cross off Dubai Skydiving from your bucket list. Prepare for an adventure that will redefine your limits and leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Activity Location: Al Seyahi St - Dubai Marina - Dubai.

How To Get There:

By metro: Take the red line metro from Burjuman and get down at Damac Properties Metro station.

Don't Miss:-

While you already felt the thrill in Skydive Dubai, you can also plan to book Burj Khalifa on the Top and Dubai Desert Safari.

Dubai Tandem Skydiving Important Notes

  • Please go through this link before placing the booking to check all the guidelines for flight Skydive Guidelines
  • Booking should be done as per the details on the passport
  • A passport or Emirates ID is mandatory to be carried during this activity.
  • We suggest that you allocate 3 to 4 hours for the activity as weather conditions may cause delays in the flight
  • Athletic, comfortable clothes are advised. T-shirts/tops with sleeves and shorts that cover the thigh area are recommended so that the harness fits comfortably.
  • Customers are advised to remove any precious jewelry, watches, and/or other accessories before their skydive. These can be placed in the free personal lockers at our locations.
  • Every customer will be given protective eye goggles to wear during their skydive. So, if you need to wear prescription glasses or lenses during your skydive, please do so
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