Where to Go in Alanya?

Where to Go in Alanya?

Alanya, on Turkey's southern coast, is a beautiful place with a mix of landscapes, historical sites, and natural beauty. Whether you like adventure, history, or nature, you'll find something you enjoy in Alanya. This guide will show you some of the best places in Alanya. You'll learn about the quiet beauty of Sapadere Canyon, the old Dim Cave, and more.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is a beautiful natural place located in the Taurus Mountains. It offers people a chance to enjoy nature with its waterfalls, clear water pools, and green plants. It's a peaceful and exciting place for visitors.

Besides its beauty, Sapadere Canyon is also important because it helps us understand the earth's old history. It's about 40km away from the center of Alanya and can be easily reached by car or local buses, known as dolmus.

The canyon is open all year, but the best time to visit is from April to October. Visitors need to pay a small fee to enter, which helps keep the walking paths and other facilities in good condition.

There are paths to walk on, bathrooms, and a few small places to eat that offer local food.

A wooden path goes through the canyon, so people of all ages can walk through it easily. A favorite activity is swimming in the natural pools, so remember to bring your swimsuit!

People who like adventure can explore off the main path, and if you love nature, you'll find many great spots to take photos.

Going early in the morning or later in the afternoon is best for taking photos and avoiding too many people.

Dim Cave

Dim Cave in Turkey is a beautiful natural spot that draws people in with its amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites, which took millions of years to form. This cave is not just interesting for its rocks but also has a lot of history. It has been a safe place and a spot for worship for many years.

You can find the cave about 12km east of Alanya, and you can get there by car or local buses. There are clear paths that take you right to the cave's entrance.

The cave is open to visit any time of the year, and there's a small fee to enter. If you want to learn more during your visit, you can join a guided tour.

At the entrance, there's a small café where you can buy snacks and a shop where you can buy souvenirs. There's also plenty of room to park your car.

Inside the cave, it's a great place for taking photos. There's also an underground river that makes the cave even more interesting.

Make sure to wear shoes that won't slip because the ground inside the cave can be wet and slippery.

Alanya Shipyard

The Alanya Shipyard is very old and comes from the time of the Seljuk. It shows the history of how people in the city worked with boats and the sea. This place was very important for trading and protecting the area a long time ago. You can find it near the water in Alanya, close to Alanya Castle. It's easy to walk there from the center of the town. You don't have to pay to go in, and it's open for visitors all through the year. Make sure you see the beautiful view of the sea from the walls of the shipyard.

Alanya Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art in Alanya has a lot of modern art that shows the area's creativity and culture. It's in the middle of the city, so it's easy to get to from anywhere in Alanya. The museum is open every day except Mondays and it costs a little bit of money to get in. For the newest information about what's showing now or what will be shown soon, you can look at the museum's website or call them.

Alanya Shopping Districts

Alanya has many places to shop, from old markets to new malls. Near the harbor, there's a market area known for selling leather items. Atatürk Boulevard has many stores where you can find clothes and things to remember your trip by. Keep an eye out for things made in the area, like detailed jewelry and cloth made by hand.


Each place to see in Alanya gives you a special look at its natural beauty, history, and art. You can walk through the cool Dim Cave, see the old Alara Castle ruins, or enjoy the lively shops in Alanya. You're sure to make lasting memories.

The best way to see Alanya is to be open and ready for adventure. Make plans, but also be willing to explore new places off the main roads and find out what makes this area special.

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