Where to Shop in Alanya? The Best Shopping Places, What to Buy

Where to Shop in Alanya? The Best Shopping Places, What to Buy

Alanya is now one of the top beach places in Türkiye. It attracts people who love luxury and those who like to shop because of its all-in-one resorts, beach houses, and fancy stores. It's become a go-to place for rich tourists, making it a busy place for shopping along the Turkish Riviera.

Big-name stores and Turkish brands are all over Alanya's shopping malls, trying to impress visitors. You can find stylish clothes, nice shops, and good-quality items, making Alanya a place with lots of shopping choices. Even though there are many modern stores, the lively markets give you a great chance to experience local life. Here are some of the best places to shop in Alanya.

Shopping Scene of Alanya

Alanya has a busy shopping area that mixes old-style Turkish markets with modern malls. The place has a lively feel and the people there are friendly, making it a good spot for shopping. You can find local crafts, the latest clothes, or tasty food - Alanya offers something for every shopper.

The most important part of shopping in Alanya is its traditional Turkish markets. These markets are full of life, with lots of colors, smells, and noises that make you feel like you are in the heart of Turkish culture.

What to Buy in Alanya?

Turkish Carpets and Kilims

Alanya is famous for its beautiful Turkish carpets and kilims. These are handwoven and very special. They are not just pretty but also important for Turkish culture. When you want to buy carpets and kilims in Alanya, remember these points:

  • Realness: Look for carpets and kilims that are real, made by hand, and from Turkey. This means you are getting a true piece of Turkish work.
  • Looks and Patterns: Turkish carpets and kilims have many detailed designs and bright colors. Spend time looking at the different styles. You can find many shapes and flowers in the designs. Pick the one you like the most.

Leather Goods

Alanya is a great place for people who like leather because it has a lot of good quality leather items. You can find cool jackets, bags, shoes, and more things made of leather. Here are some tips for buying leather in Alanya:

  • Quality: Look closely at how the leather items are made. Check the stitching to make sure it's strong and will last a long time.
  • Variety: Alanya has many different leather things like jackets, purses, wallets, and belts. Take your time to look around and choose something special for yourself.

Best Areas & Places to Make Shopping

1. Alanya Shopping Centers

If you want a new-style shopping trip, go to a shopping mall in Alanya. These places have many shops from Turkey and other countries, plus fun activities and places to eat. Some well-liked malls in Alanya are:


The Alanyum Shopping Mall in Alanya has a lot of different shops. You can buy clothes, shoes, electronics, makeup, glasses, books, toys, and many other things you might want while you're visiting the town. There are big international brands and small local shops, so there's a lot to choose from. When you walk into the mall, there's a big grocery store called Carrefour right at the entrance. There, you can buy fresh fish, Turkish sweets, and lots of fruits and vegetables.

Alanyum is easy to get to because it's on State Road D-400, on the east side of town. You don't need to worry about how to get there because the local bus stops right in front of the mall. If you're hungry, there's a food court with many different kinds of food.

Konakli Time Center

The Konakli Time Center in Alanya has a great selection of brands. It offers many local brands that have excellent quality at good prices. Some top stores are LC Waikiki, DeFacto, and Lufian. There's also a toy store for kids, small food shops, and even a place to get tattoos.

Konakli Time Center is close to the beach hotels in Alanya and it's easy to get to for shopping. You can buy Turkish sweets or get a coffee to enjoy the calm setting. The mall has air conditioning and is nicely arranged, making it a good spot to cool off from Alanya's hot summer weather.

2. Street Markets

Cuma Pazari (Friday Flea Market)

Cuma Pazari is the best place to go in Alanya on Friday mornings if you want fresh fruits and vegetables. Local village people come to this market and sell what they have grown that week. At the market, you can find delicious food, clothes, ceramics, and handmade things. It's a good place to buy a gift and experience Turkish culture.

The market is big, going from the harbour to the town centre. There are many buses that can take you close to where it's happening. It's normal to talk about prices with the sellers, but remember to be nice and polite to them.

Alanya Bazaar

The Alanya Bazaar is a busy outdoor market that shows what shopping in Turkey is like. In this place, there are many items for sale like clothes, spices, jewelry, and things to remember your visit by. You can walk around the market's confusing paths, talk about prices with nice sellers, and find special items.


Alanya is a great place for shopping that mixes old and new stuff. You can find markets full of cultural items and modern shopping malls with famous brands. This city by the coast offers everything. Dive into Alanya's special shopping experience, find out about the quality of Turkish products, and take a bit of this charming place back home with you. So, get your shopping bags ready, be ready to explore, and start your shopping adventure in Alanya's interesting streets.

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